Current NSF Project Applications

Due to technical difficulties and privacy concerns the full project proposals will no longer be available online (May 1st - May 5th). We apologize for this inconvenience and encourage voters to refer to the NSF Webpage to read the problem statement and solution of each proposed project.

District 1
Application NumberTitleArea
2019-8 Brandon Street Sidewalks - Delridge to High Point High Point
2019-15 New Pedestrian Route between South Park and North Delridge/White Center South Park
2019-19 Highland Parkway Roundabout Delridge
2019-85 Longfellow Creek 24th Ave SW safety improvements High Point
2019-121 Trenton St improvements South Park
2019-122 Alki Ave and 64th Ave SW and 64th Place SW Traffic Circles and All Way Stops Alki
2019-124 Sylvan Way SW Low Cost Sidewalk South of Holly Street High Point
2019-126 Sylvan Way Pedestrian and Bike Safety Improvements High Point
2019-134 Duwamish Longhouse Pedestrian Safety & Accessibility Project North Delridge
2019-138 Delridge Way SW: Creating a safe pedestrian crossing in the Urban Villages for the families of South Delridge Roxhill
2019-139 Make a Safe Crossing for Elementary School Kids: Crosswalk at 26th Ave SW & SW Cambridge Roxhill
2019-153 Make a safe Connection from the 26th Avenue SW Greenway to the West Seattle Bridge Trail North Delridge
2019-172 Update and Repaint Pedestrian Crossings on California Ave in the Junction Junction
2019-219 Speed Bumps and MPH signs for side access streets near Arbor Heights Elementary Arbor Heights
2019-236 Westwood Village Transit Center Pedestrian Improvements Roxhill
2019-244 SW Brandon St Sidewalk High Point
2019-251 Avalon Paving Youngstown
2019-254 Admiral Junction Pedestrian Crossing Improvements at California Ave SW and SW College / Walker Streets North Admiral
2019-261 Holden Street Improvements between 16th and Delridge Delridge
2019-270 Sidewalk Safety Alki
2019-273 Marine View Drive SW Guard Rail Arbor Heights
2019-279 Total replacement of sidewalks along 8th avenue sw btwn. Henderson and Roxbury. Highland Park
2019-292 Fairmount Ave SW walking/biking lane or sidewalk North Admiral
District 2
Application NumberTitleArea
2019-3 Safe connection to First Ave South Bridge Georgetown
2019-4 Protected Intersection at Rainier Ave S and Henderson Dunlap
2019-13 Walking, Biking and Freight Improvements Between Georgetown and South Park Georgetown
2019-44 South Dakota Street Regrade and Pedestrian Improvements Columbia City
2019-52 No sidewalk Dunlap
2019-60 Sidewalks on Holgate Street SODO
2019-61 Pedestrian Refuge and Crossing Beacon at Rainier and Hanford Columbia City
2019-68 Complete Design and Construction Phase of “Pavement to Parks” Public Safety Improvements in Rainier Vista Rainier Vista
2019-90 Martin Luther King Park Stairs Mt Baker
2019-102 #FixGolfDr (Fix Golf Drive) North Beacon Hill
2019-104 Beacon Ave Trail Enhancements Beacon Hill
2019-108 Beacon Ave. Mobility Improvements North Beacon Hill
2019-128 55th Ave S Pedestrian Access and Street Improvements at Kubota Garden Rainier Beach
2019-130 Speed Bumps for 13th Ave S North Beacon Hill
2019-135 Chief Sealth Trail Crossings Dunlap
2019-160 4-way stops at S Andover & 38th. S Dakota & 38th Junction
2019-181 Traffic Calming on Arterial Shortcut through NewHolly Neighborhood New Holly
2019-226 S Juneau Sidewalk Gap Fix Columbia City
2019-227 Sidewalk connection along Letitia Ave S Columbia City
2019-233 Sidewalk for Children Columbia City
2019-241 Senior Center sidewalk improvement South Beacon Hill
2019-259 Crosswalks and Speed Bumps for 50th. Lakewood
2019-272 S Augusta St Stormwater runoff improvements & Washout Prevention Rainier View
2019-281 Rainier Beach Roundabout Near Link Light Rail Rainier Beach
2019-282 New Holly/Holly Park Dr. S Speed Containment New Holly
2019-284 Hinds Place S Pedestrian Safety Improvements North Beacon Hill
2019-287 Improved sidewalks for S. Dawson Street Beacon Hill
2019-291 Light Up the Greenway Rainier Valley
District 3
Application NumberTitleArea
2019-1 Install the one block of sidewalk that is missing where it is missing on Lakeview Blvd., on the east side between Blaine and Howe streets Eastlake
2019-11 Traffic calming on 34th St between Cherry & Columbia Madrona
2019-24 Safer access to healthcare and the library near 23rd & Yesler Mann
2019-26 Left-turn signals at Broadway & John Capitol Hill
2019-29 Lower Olive Way Improvements Capitol Hill
2019-55 Repave E Boston St between 10th Ave E and Broadway E Eastlake
2019-56 Improve automobile egress and traffic flow within and around Jackson Place neighborhood Atlantic
2019-57 Madrona East Union Crossing Safet Improvement Program Madrona
2019-71 Sidewalks needed on S Walker St. from 28th Ave S to MLK Jr. Blvd Mt Baker
2019-99 Garfield Renovation (Perimeter) Project Mann
2019-117 Lake Washington Loop Bike Route Re-alignment & Safety Improvements Stevens
2019-125 18th Ave S. Improvements Atlantic
2019-143 Pike Street Crossing Improvements Capitol Hill
2019-144 14th Avenue Crossing Improvements Capitol Hill
2019-163 28th Ave E Cut through commuter traffic reduction Stevens
2019-167 15th Avenue on Capitol hill Capitol Hill
2019-199 Dearborn street-end improvement Leschi
2019-202 Secure Intersection for Kids Mt Baker
2019-224 Intersection 22nd and East Yesler Way Squire Park
2019-225 18th Avenue S Roundabout and Pavement Reconstruction Atlantic
2019-290 Repave and light 17th Ave. Between E John and Olive. Stevens
2019-298 15th Ave Repacement Project Squire Park
District 4
Application NumberTitleArea
2019-5 Re-establish a Lake Union shoreline pedestrian and bicycle connection between the East Edgar Street shoreline street-end and, to its north, the Fairview Avenue East shoreline street-end, thus correcting the worst missing link along the Cheshiahud Lake Un Eastlake
2019-6 Safe pedestrian crossing Roosevelt Corridor at NE 40th St. alley U District
2019-12 Transform the access road east of Sand Point Way in Magnuson park into a pedestrian oriented street Sand Point
2019-20 Meridian Ave Wallingford Greenway Wallingford
2019-22 Fixing the Dangerous Woodland Park Ave N and Bridge Way Intersection Fremont
2019-31 A Safe Link from Wallingford to the U District: NE 45th Street Corridor Bike/Walk Access Improvements to University District Light Rail Station U District
2019-36 Crosswalk across 5th Ave NE at NE 82nd St Maple Leaf
2019-38 Traffic Light at Banner Way and 5th Ave NE Maple Leaf
2019-45 Traffic Calming and crossing at NE 80th St and 8th Avenue NE Maple Leaf
2019-59 Family Friendly Greenway in SW Maple Leaf on 1st Ave NE and NE 85th Street Maple Leaf
2019-88 Safely Crossing NE 65th Street in Roosevelt and Ravenna Ravenna
2019-92 Connecting Roosevelt Protected Bike Lane to the Burke-Gilman Trail U District
2019-96 Ravenna Ave NE Sidewalk and Bike Connection Ravenna
2019-127 Bagley N35th Pacific intersection improvement Wallingford
2019-129 Roosevelt Station Festival and Green Street Roosevelt
2019-146 NE 70th Street Corridor View Ridge
2019-155 27th Ave NE Greenway Ravenna
2019-165 Safety for pedestrians crossing on Stoneway & 36th St. Fremont
2019-180 traffic calming Wallingford
2019-191 University Bridge Lighting U District
2019-193 NE Campus Parkway Underpass Mural Project U District
2019-198 Pedestrian Safety Improvements Near Fremont Troll at N 35th St and Troll Ave N Fremont
2019-228 Neighborhood Crossing Safety Improvements for Kids, and everyone else! Wallingford
2019-234 Lanes on NE 75th between 25th and I-5. Roosevelt
2019-242 Siganl on Banner Way/75th eastbound at I-5 onramp Maple Leaf
2019-258 Improvement to Southbound I-5 access from 9th Ave NE Maple Leaf
2019-268 36th Ave NE between NE 57th St and NE 60th St Bryant
2019-269 Pavement repair along 20th Ave NE Bike corridor Ravenna
2019-276 Traffic Calming and Biking Improvements for 30th Ave NE U Village
2019-280 Traffic circles Bryant
2019-304 Multi-modal traffic improvements at 5-way intersection at NE 40th and 7th Ave NE and Burke Gilman Trail U District
District 5
Application NumberTitleArea
2019-16 NE 115th St School Zone Camera and Intersection Revision Project Meadowbrook
2019-17 Safe walkway along NE 140th Street from 37th Ave NE to Lake City Way NE Cedar Park
2019-18 90th and Aurora Crosswalk Safety Improvements Licton Springs
2019-30 Sidewalks on NE 127th St between 25th & 30th Ave NE Lake City
2019-32 SPU Broadview Natural Drainage Project Bitter Lake
2019-33 Bridge-the-Gap sidewalk on south side of NE 145th St and related safe connecting walkways Cedar Park
2019-42 Speed Bumps on N. 143rd Broadview
2019-48 Haller Lake Street End Intersection Haller Lake
2019-50 Neighborhood Intersection Improvement at 101st and Evanston Greenwood
2019-51 Safe School Crossing Haller Lake
2019-54 Lake City Hub- 28th Ave NE Pedestrian Safety Improvements Lake City
2019-62 Roosevelt Way NE Sidewalk Project Haller Lake
2019-66 Curb installation on N. 136th St. Broadview
2019-67 NE 135th ST Pedestrian Connection--Lake City Olympic Hills
2019-69 Pedestrian Safety Improvement on 41st Ave NE Cedar Park
2019-72 Crosswalk near Ingraham High School Haller Lake
2019-73 Little Brook Pedestrian Safety Improvements Plan Project C Olympic Hills
2019-74 Little Brook Pedestrian Safety Improvements Plan Project B Olympic Hills
2019-75 ALUV Community Enhancement Licton Springs
2019-76 N 122nd St Walking Route to Northgate Elementary School Haller Lake
2019-78 Little Brook Pedestrian Safety Improvements Plan Project A Olympic Hills
2019-81 Lakeside Pl. NE Street Edge and Storm Drainage Restoration Cedar Park
2019-82 Walkable Lake City – Festival Street improvements within the Civic Core Lake City
2019-83 Walkable Lake City - Traffic Circle enhancement Lake City
2019-84 Walkable Lake City – pedestrian improvements within the Civic Core Lake City
2019-86 Sacajawea Elementary Community: Safer Pedestrian Connections on NE 90th Street Maple Leaf
2019-89 Improve Walkability for Olympic View Elementary and Sacajawea Elementary Maple Leaf
2019-113 Olympic Hills Community Pocket Park completion Lake City
2019-116 Illuminate Aurora Licton Springs
2019-118 Pedestrian Safety Improvements - N 128th St approach to North Acres Park Haller Lake
2019-119 Pinehurst ZigZag Neighborhood Greenway Victory Heights
2019-120 30th Ave NE crossing improvements and speed-limit reduction Lake City
2019-123 Broadview "Home Zone" Bitter Lake
2019-131 A Safe Route for Pinehurst Students and Seniors Pinehurst
2019-161 Safe walking route/ safe street for NE 135th St. Olympic Hills
2019-170 Sidewalk connection from John Rogers Elementary to Meadowbrook Pond Meadowbrook
2019-171 Safer crossings of NE 125th Street Lake City
2019-174 North Sandpoint Way speeding treatments Meadowbrook
2019-175 Traffic calming on N 143rd St Broadview
2019-176 Improve sidewalk between Wedgewood Elementary and 35th Ave NE Wedgwood
2019-177 Complete the sidewalk on the south side of NE 95th street Meadowbrook
2019-178 Resurfacing Dayton Ave North Bitter Lake
2019-203 Asphalt walkway along NE 115th St Meadowbrook
2019-205 Walkway completion on NE 100th St,from Ravenna east to Seattle Waldorf School Meadowbrook
2019-230 Complete Repair of NE 92nd St. Maple Leaf
2019-248 Dayton Avenue Pedestrian Safety & Visibility Bitter Lake
2019-250 Viewland Elementary Sidewalks (east side of 3rd Ave NW) Broadview
2019-262 Center lanes for 130th/145th and any equivalent st. Bitter Lake
2019-278 unpaved street Haller Lake
2019-283 Pedestrian Sidewalk Improvements NE 85th to NE 95th Wedgwood
2019-285 sidewalks or safe walkways for students walking on 8th Ave NE Maple Leaf
2019-288 Sandpoint Way and NE 95th Street Intersection Matthews Beach
2019-295 safe sidewalks over water Victory Heights
2019-299 NE 95th St sidewalk improvement Meadowbrook
2019-306 Improved pedestrian crossing at NE 90th St. & Roosevelt Way NE Maple Leaf
2019-307 Sidewalks to Broadview Thomson school Broadview
2019-308 Low Cost Sidewalk construction along NE 32nd Avenue in Little Brook Olympic Hills
District 6
Application NumberTitleArea
2019-14 Stone Avenue North Green Pathway Green Lake
2019-21 Fixing the intersection of Green Lake Way N and N 50th Street Wallingford
2019-25 N. 85th St. at Ashworth Ave.N Licton Springs
2019-28 Olympic Manor Blue Ridge
2019-39 24th Ave NW improvements Blue Ridge
2019-46 Sidewalks Greenwood
2019-47 17th Ave NW Greenway Pedestrian Safety Improvements in Crown Hill Crown Hill
2019-65 Install storm drain on NW 92nd St Crown Hill
2019-91 Street Improvements on 70th / Connect Salmon Bay Park with Whittier Heights Ballard
2019-93 Speed bumps on NW 1st Ave and NW 45th (Fremont) Phinney Ridge
2019-94 Connecting the Burke-Gilman Trail to the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop Fremont
2019-100 Pedestrian improvements on 92nd St Greenway East of Holman Bridge Crown Hill
2019-107 Sidewalk for N 101 & NW 101 from Greenwood to 3rd NW Greenwood
2019-109 Pedestrian safety improvement along south side of 87th street Greenwood
2019-110 Crosswalks to improve pedestrian safety crossing 8th Ave NW and Leary Way Frelard
2019-114 Green Lake and Licton Springs pedestrian intersection crossing improvements Licton Springs
2019-141 Speed Bumps placed along 25th Ave NW Blue Ridge
2019-147 Crosswalk West Woodland
2019-150 Widen Wallingford Ave N Green Lake
2019-151 Nordic Museum Traffic Circulation Enhancement Ballard
2019-156 NE 5th Safety Project Green Lake
2019-157 Bike crossing improvements on N 36th st Fremont
2019-183 Pedestrian Crossing at 9th and Leary Frelard
2019-188 Traffic calming Woodlawn Ave N Meridian
2019-189 Extend NW 90th St sidewalk east of 12th Ave NW Crown Hill
2019-195 Tangle-town smooth ride Meridian
2019-196 Corliss Traffic Calming Add Green Lake
2019-200 Pedestrian Safety Improvements Near Daycare at N 36th St and 1st Ave NW Fremont
2019-201 Crosswalk at 22nd Ave NW and NW 65th St Ballard
2019-212 Connect 8th Ave and the Burke Frelard
2019-214 Sidewalk / intersection/ Bicycle lane @ Holman Rd & 13th ave n.w Crown Hill
2019-215 Marked crosswalk and signal across 15th Ave NW at NW 83rd St Loyal Heights
2019-216 77th and Jones Ave NW Intersection Safety Loyal Heights
2019-218 Pedestrian-activated signal at 14th Ave NW and NW 53rd Street West Woodland
2019-220 Ballard Ave Walk only street Ballard
2019-237 Crown Hill Pedestrian Safety Improvements Crown Hill
2019-238 Weedin Place NE Intersection Squaring Green Lake
2019-245 Bicycle-Pedestrian Push Button Crossing Phinney Ridge
2019-249 Add left-turn lane at N 63rd St/Woodland Pl N so that through traffic does not get held up Phinney Ridge
2019-260 Traffic calming circles between 2 Elementary Schools in SE Green Lake Meridian
2019-263 Sidewalks on 1st Ave. N.W. from NW 87th St. - NW 100th St. in the Greenwood District of Seattle. Greenwood
2019-266 Intersection of Woodlawn Ave NE and NE 71st Street repaving Green Lake
2019-289 Sidewalk/Traffic Diversions: N. Greenwood Greenwood
2019-293 NB 15th ave NW NW56th to NW57th sidewalk/bike improvement Ballard
District 7
Application NumberTitleArea
2019-2 Address Safety Hazard - City Street Paving North Queen Anne
2019-7 pave the gravel alley Lawton Park
2019-23 3rd Ave. S. Sidewalk Reconstruction Pioneer Square
2019-27 Sidewalk Improvements on Virginia Street and 7th Avenue Belltown
2019-64 Denny-Stewart-Yale Safety Improvement Cascade
2019-80 3rd and Cedar Stoplight Belltown
2019-97 Park2Park Greenway Queen Anne
2019-168 Thorndyke bus stop Southeast Magnolia
2019-169 28th and Dravus light Southeast Magnolia
2019-184 Traffic Calming All Over Queen Anne Queen Anne
2019-210 Frye Sidewalk Repair Pioneer Square
2019-243 ADA Ramps at Magnolia Blvd & Dravus St Briarcliff
2019-246 Roy Street Protected Bike Lanes Lower Queen Anne
2019-264 Uptown Curb Bulbs Lower Queen Anne
2019-265 Sidewalk Improvement North Queen Anne
2019-271 Substandard Street North Queen Anne
2019-286 Sidewalk addition for W Mercer Place/Elliot Ave W Lower Queen Anne
2019-302 Magnolia - Emerson Street Barrier Interbay