35th Ave NE

What's happening now?

We've reached final design for the 35th Ave NE Paving Project and are on schedule to begin construction this spring/summer. Read our February 2018 project update for more information.

If you have questions about the project, please view our updated Frequently Asked Questions document.

We’ll have more construction details in the coming months. Sign up for email updates to stay informed as we prepare for construction. We will share regular updates via email and distribute flyers in advance of work near affected properties.

Questions? Email the project team at 35thAvePaving@seattle.gov or call (206) 512-3950.

Project Overview

35th Ave NE is an arterial serving northeast Seattle and approximately 12,500 drivers on an average day. 35th Ave NE connects the Ravenna-Bryant and Wedgwood neighborhoods and is home to religious institutions, retail establishments, a post office, library, and many private residences. It's also a transit route with service connecting northeast Seattle to the U District, Link light rail, and downtown Seattle, and designated for a protected bike lane in the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan.

Each year, we pave arterial streets in poor condition to make them safer, smoother, and to extend their useful life. We prioritize paving projects based on pavement condition, traffic volume, geographic equity, cost, and opportunities for grants or coordination with other projects in the area. Paving streets also creates opportunities to improve street safety and move people and goods more efficiently in a growing Seattle.

Read more about our current paving projects

Project description

The project will:

  • Repave the roadway*: This will extend the life of the pavement, making the roadway safer and smoother for travel
  • Provide a designated space for biking: The Bike Master Plan recommends a protected bike lane on 35th. It will help make biking a better option for people of all ages and abilities in northeast Seattle and contribute to establishing a citywide bike network. Bike lanes enhance the street for everyone, not just people who choose to ride bikes, by providing a safe and predictable space for biking
  • Improve the intersection at NE 75th St: We're adding left-turn pockets for northbound and southbound traffic on 35th Ave NE at NE 75th St
  • Minimize parking impacts: While parking will be consolidated to the east side of the street, peak-hour restrictions (between 4 - 6 PM) will be removed to make parking more predictable for you, your neighbors, and visitors
  • Improve speed and reliability for people riding transit: We're working with King County Metro to consolidate stops to improve speed and reliability, particularly on Route 65
  • Upgrade sidewalks: In select locations, we're upgrading curb ramps to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and repairing sidewalks

*Between NE 65th and NE 55th streets, 35th Ave NE is made up of concrete panels that were replaced a few years ago. This section is included in the project area for street design improvements but will not be paved.

Proposed ConceptsClick to Enlarge

Looking north from NE 55th St

Looking north from NE 73rd St

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History and background

Since the summer of 2016, we've shared street design concepts with the community and asked how you get around your neighborhood. We held an open house, hosted an online survey, went door-to-door to businesses, presented to community groups, and sent several pieces of direct mail to over 24,000 residents in northeast Seattle.

We heard from hundreds of people about transportation safety and we appreciate everyone who took time to talk to us. While we heard that many people in the neighborhood use their personal vehicle for travel, we also heard that people would like to take transit, walk, and bike more. In addition, there was strong support to improve safety for people crossing the street. Our primary goals for this project reflect those comments by enhancing safety and predictability for everyone using the street.

Community feedback in lobby Community feedback - people gather to read draft plans.

In addition to taking community feedback, we analyzed traffic and parking data and reviewed freight, transit, bike, and pedestrian master plan recommendations. Some of our findings included:

  • Vehicle volumes: 12,500/average day
  • Vehicle speed: 31 MPH (85th percentile speed)
  • Collisions: 113 in 5 years
  • Peak hour parking restrictions: 7-9 AM (southbound) and 4-6 PM (northbound
  • Parking utilization: Midday peak average: ~40% and highest utilization at commercial nodes, between NE 68th and NE 77th streets and at the NE 85th St intersection

Our findings from freight, transit, bike, and pedestrian master plan and Vision Zero recommendations included improving access to and across 35th Ave NE for people walking and biking; a call to reduce serious and fatal traffic crashes; adding bike lanes and left-turn pockets at arterials; and moving the northbound bus stop at 75th Ave NE to the north side of the intersection.

The feedback we heard matches recommendations from the community that are laid out in The Future 35th Ave NE plan. The plan includes a recommendation to increase safety by adding visual complexity to the built environment to passively encourage people driving to slow down. Bike lanes, predictability through on-street parking, and landscaping are all elements that help add friction.

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This is our anticipated project timeline, but dates are subject to change.

Summer/Fall 2016

Project planning and outreach

Spring 2017

Street concept design and outreach

Fall 2017

Outreach to residents, businesses, and property owners

Late 2017

Finish design

Early 2018

Pre-construction coordination with community

Spring/Summer 2018

Begin construction

Late 2018

Complete construction


This project is part of SDOT's Arterial and Asphalt and Concrete (AAC) Paving Program. Design and construction of our paving projects, as well as the safety and mobility improvements shown, are funded by the Levy to Move Seattle, approved by Seattle voters in November 2015. We also seek additional funding through grants, when available. Learn more about the levy at www.seattle.gov/LevytoMoveSeattle.

Get Involved

We're committed to engaging with the community throughout the life of the project. We want everyone to have the opportunity to engage with us and ask questions. Outreach is being done throughout the planning, design, and construction phases and here are some of the ways to get involved during the different stages of a project's life:

  1. Planning
    What we do: Collect traffic data, review plans and gather community experiences to define options
  2. Design
    What we do: Share updates as more details are know
  3. Construction
    What we do: Provide construction schedule, expected impacts, and a contact for questions
  4. Evaluation
    What we do: Gather feedback from those that work, live, play, and travel near the completed project, and collect traffic data

Outreach to date

November 2017

Northeast District Council briefing

October 2017

Public meeting and walking tours

Congregation Beth Shalom presentation

Trick-or-treat at Wedgwood businesses drop-in

September 2017

Door-to-door business and residential outreach

May 2017

District 4 Council Leadership Event presentation

Ravenna Bryant Community Association presentation

March 2017

Wedgwood Community Council presentation

December 2016

Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board presentation

October - November 2016

Shared first design concepts with community and asked for input via North Seattle Paving Projects survey at the following forums:

  • October 2016 Public Open House
  • October 2016 University District Farmer's Market Booth
  • November 2016 Roosevelt High School presentation
  • November 2016 Wedgwood Community Council presentation
  • November 2016 Door-to-door business outreach
  • November 2016 U-District Livability Open House booth

Received 650 total responses to survey.

July 2016

Seattle Freight Advisory Board presentation

June 2016

Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board presentation

Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board presentation

Contact Information

We're committed to building a productive, inclusive, and collaborative relationship with all who live, work, or travel in the project area. Please contact us with any questions.

Phone: (206) 512-3950

Community Outreach Lead
Rachel McCaffrey

Project Manager
MariLyn Yim

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To view a PDF of project-related materials, please click on the links provided below.

Updated: 12/12/2017