E Union St Protected Bike Lane

Updated: April 1, 2019

What’s happening now?

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Project Overview

Seattle has a Bicycle Master Plan (BMP) which provides a framework for improving the bicycling environment throughout the city. The BMP recommends E Union St for a protected bicycle lane (PBL). SDOT evaluated multiple east/west bicycle routes to help connect to existing bike facilities and improve the overall bicycle network. SDOT evaluated multiple east/west bicycle routes, and the Union St PBL was the community's preferred bicycle improvement.

Project Goals

  • Enhance safety by upgrading the existing bicycle lanes
  • Retain as much parking as possible along the corridor
  • Improve transit speed and reliability
  • Provide a comfortable and predictable bicycle connection between Broadway, the Central District, and MLK Jr Way

Project Elements

  • Upgrade the existing bike lane into a bi-directional parking protected bike lane (PBL) from 14th Ave to 22nd Ave and 24th Ave to 26th Ave
  • Add an uphill PBL and a downhill sharrow lane from 26th Ave to Martin Luther King Jr Way

Project Area

Project area map


  • Improve travel experience for people biking, walking, and driving, including freight and bus operators
  • Fewer people riding on the sidewalk
  • Reduce collisions to help us achieve our Vision Zero goal

Parking and Bus Stops

  • This project will minimize impacts to parking spaces on E Union St
  • King County Metro will consolidate a few bus stops on E Union St to help keep buses moving and on-time
  • The stop consolidation plus the relocation of a school bus zone will increase parking alone E Union St

10% Design Concept

Bi-directional PBL concept (14th to 22nd Ave and 24th to 26th Ave)

Bi-directional protected bike lane concept with two parking lanes

Uphill PBL/downhill sharrow concept (26th Ave to Martin Luther King Jr Way)

Uphill protected bike lane with downhill sharrow concept with two parking lanes


This project was funded by the voter-approved Move Seattle Levy. Learn more about the Levy to Move Seattle.

Outreach & Schedule

Project schedule, outlined following this graphic

Early - Mid 2019: Outreach

Mid - Late 2019: Design

Late 2019 - Mid 2020: Construction