Equity Workgroup

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Updated: 11/22/2021 

Applications for the Transportation Equity Workgroup (TEW) are now closed. If you are a community-based organization or network supporting an individual who has submitted an application and still need to submit a nomination form, please email transportationequity@seattle.gov 


We established the Transportation Equity Program in 2017 with the purpose of providing safe, environmentally sustainable, accessible, and affordable transportation options that support Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) and vulnerable populations to thrive in vibrant and healthy communities, and mitigate racial disparities and the effects of displacement. In early 2019, we created a Transportation Equity Workgroup (TEW) to provide input on a set of recommendations to be considered in the development of a Transportation Equity Framework. 

Goals of the TEW

  • Develop leadership capacity and a deeper understanding of transportation and our work
  • Build community trust and partnerships through transparancy and accountability
  • Learn and share understanding of transportation equity values and priorities

Initial Guidelines

  • Meet monthly for 1 year to engage with each other, our staff, and transportation partners in facilitated conversation and activities
  • Provide a set of community-guided recommendations to be considered in the development of SDOT's Transportation Equity Framework 
  • Consists of 10 compensated community members from communities historically and currently underinvested by government including:
    • Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) communities
    • People with low-income
    • Immigrant and refugee populations
    • Native populations
    • People living with disabilities
    • People experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity
    • LGTBQ+ people
    • Individuals who identify as girls and women
    • Youth
    • Seniors
    • Individuals who were formerly incarcerated
    • High-risk displacement neighborhoods
    • Racial justice, environmental justice, and/or transportation justice-based organizations
    • Underrepresented and under resourced human service providers and community-based organizations


The development of the TEW reinforces the City's commitment for a citywide and departmental framework for Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI):

  • Our Office of Equity and Inclusion & Transportation Equity Program 
  • "...support the creation of a group or committee comprised of those affected by barriers to safe, environmentally sustainable, accessible, and affordable transportation options to provide guidance on the program's development and strategies" Section 2A2 
  • "...prioritize affordability and co-create additional transportation equity goals, strategies, indicators, and measures in partnership with community members and stakeholders, as well as the Mayor, City Council, and City of Seattle departmental agency and equity leads." Section 2C3 

What does the TEW do?

For the 2019-2020 term, the TEW worked collaboratively to create community-guided equity recommendations to include in SDOT's first-ever Transportation Equity Agenda, a framework for transportation equity goals and priorities for the department. The TEW is focusing on the following charge for the 2021 term:

  • Co-development of the Implementation Plan for SDOT Transportation Equity Framework
  • Creating a long-term structure for the Transportation Equity Workgroup