Updated September 14, 2020

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  • SDOT's curbside management team seeks your feedback in designing curbside regulations to support residents and businesses and prevent gridlock in Uptown
  • Curbside modifications will support the Arena Access Management Plan (AAMP) which is a living planning document designed to ensure that the access needs of area residents, businesses, employees and visitors will be met
  • We need to be proactive as the new Arena is expected to have up to 250 large events per year with over 10,000 people attending
  • Curbside changes would ideally be in place before the Arena opens

Together with the neighborhood, SDOT has developed these goals for Uptown:

  • Prioritize access for businesses, residents and visitors in a quickly growing Urban Center
  • Discourage Arena event-goers from using area on-street parking
  • Prioritize transit, biking and loading, while also managing ride-hailing to support a sustainable and equitable transportation system

General Study Area

Map of Uptown Study Area

Approximate Project Timeline

 Action  Date
 Initial neighborhood outreach (surveys/virtual meetings)  August-September 2020
 Analyze feedback  October 2020
 Release draft plan  November 2020
 Receive feedback on draft plan  January 2021
 Outreach on plan refinement (includes RPZ public hearing)  March/April 2021
 Release final plan  May/June 2021
 Design and install any changes  Summer 2021
 Implement event rates with Arena opening  Fall 2021

Project Background

SDOT is working to create a curbside plan in the Uptown neighborhood to be in place prior to the Climate Pledge Arena opening in fall 2021. Our goal is to balance neighborhood business and residential access with a combination of parking and access tools, which can include on-street loading, restricted parking zones, paid parking, non-paid time limits, bicycle parking, disabled parking and other changes. 

SDOT Curbside Management, Project Development Division and Street Use Division staff are also working directly with the Oak View Group (OVG) who is developing the Climate Pledge Arena into a new world class sports and entertainment venue. Our shared goals are to continue to develop the Arena Access Master Plan (AAMP), to prioritize transit and other modes of getting to the Arena, and to manage ride-hailing.

Outreach - Past Meeting and Materials

October 7, 2019: Uptown Parking Study Results

July 8, 2019: Uptown Alliance Transportation Committee Meeting Handout

Additional Information

North Downtown Mobility Action Program

Arena Transportation Information