SW Avalon Way, 35th Ave SW, SW Alaska St

Paving, protected bike lanes, transit lane, spot parking removal, center turn lane removal

People at a Rapid Ride bus stop

Updated: January 29, 2019

What’s happening now?

We’ve reached the final design milestone and are moving into our last phase of the project – construction. We expect to break ground and start construction as soon as April. We’re scheduled to finish construction by 2020.

In the meantime, we have important new final design details to share, including these additions to the design since we last reached out. New project features at final design milestone:

  • Adding new RapidRide transit island with separated bike lane at SW Yancy St
  • Reducing speed limits on SW Avalon Way and 35th Ave SW by 5 MPH
  • Adjusting curb line and adding planting strip at 3246 SW Avalon Way
  • Closing the slip lane from SW Avalon Way to Fauntleroy Way SW
  • Shifting northbound bus stop at Luna Park for routes 50, 55, and 21 to remove bus/bike conflict
  • Installing skid-resistant surface treatment on SW Charlestown St and SW Genesee

Learn more and see the changes in our plan sets below. We have detailed information about the new street design in a map, which includes parking removal and new lane layout, as well as a paving map, and text about what we’re doing and how the decision was made (see Final Design Update below).

You can also learn about past decisions from the planning and design phases starting in 2017 in the project library at the bottom of the page. Watch this space for details of our spring construction open house. We’ll be posting information here as soon as we have it. We’ll also notify email subscribers through the email subscriber list.

Want an in-person briefing for your group or association to share feedback or talk about details? Please send all requests for project briefings to avalonpaving@seattle.gov and sign up for email updates.

Project Overview


Our plan is to pave the following streets starting spring 2019:

  • SW Avalon Way: SW Spokane St – Fauntleroy Way SW
  • 35th Ave SW: SW Avalon Way – SW Alaska St
  • SW Alaska St: 36th Ave SW – 35th Ave SW

Street redesign and rechannelization

We'll also redesign SW Avalon Way to add protected bike lanes and keep the inbound morning bus lane, and to remove some parking and the center turn lane.

Infrastructure upgrades

For all 3 paved streets, we’ll make pedestrian improvements and other infrastructure upgrades on all streets including accessible curb ramps and sidewalks, and upgraded street crossings.

Where we are in the process: Design Phase - Final Design Update
January 2019

The planning and design phases for this project are now closed. We have our final design for these streets and the plan sets in place to pave and upgrade the infrastructure.

Since we last shared a design milestone update, we've made important design changes that will be included in the project we start building this year, including:

Closing 30th Ave SW at SW Avalon Way to people driving to reduce cut-through driving behavior

At our 60% design open house in August 2018, residents of 30th Ave SW told us about concerns with high-speed cut-through traffic. We will use plastic posts to close 30th Ave SW at SW Avalon Way to address these problems while still allowing emergency access and first responders to get to homes there quickly. In addition, we've done work for many years to make this complex intersection safer for people walking and biking. Removing one "leg" of this 5-way intersection will simplify it and make it easier and more predictable for everyone, especially people walking and biking along SW Avalon Way.

Adding new RapidRide transit island at SW Yancy St

The Seattle Bike Advisory Board requested full separation between people biking and transit instead of the proposed "mixing zone" on SW Avalon Way at SW Yancy St. Our final design includes a new transit island where people taking transit will board the bus on a concrete island extending from the sidewalk. People biking will ride in a separate bike lane behind the transit island. Learn about transit islands and see designs at this online resource. The transit island will feature such RapidRide amenities as a shelter, ORCA card reader, and real-time bus arrival information.Shifting northbound bus stop for routes 50, 55, and 21 at Luna Park

The northbound Metro bus stop at Luna Park by SW Charlestown St will be relocated about 150 feet north so it's opposite Luna Park Café at SW Orleans St. This will eliminate the bus-bike mixing zone proposed earlier in the design process, and add 2 new parking spaces, which were both things the community had requested. People biking northbound here will be routed onto the sidewalk, which will become a wider path, before the bus stop.

Reducing speed limits on SW Avalon Way and 35th Ave SW

Data shows that people driving on these busy streets are going faster than we want to see if we're going to meet our Vision Zero goals of no traffic fatalities or serious injuries by 2030. To make West Seattle streets safer for everyone, we ‘ll reduce the posted speed limit on SW Avalon Way from 30 MPH to 25 MPH, and on 35th Ave SW from 35 MPH to 30 MPH. The new speed limit will be in effect once new speed limit signs are installed. Experiences show that reducing speed limits by 5 MPH can lead to significant decrease in the percentage of people driving at higher speeds.

Installing skid-resistant surface treatment on SW Charlestown St and SW Genesee St

To address concerning crash patterns, we'll add a skid-resistant surface treatment to SW Charlestown St between 46th Ave SW and 47th Ave SW, and to SW Genesee St between SW Avalon Way and 26th Ave SW. Both streets are steep and people driving can lose control of their vehicles in cold or wet weather and when speeding.

Adjusting curb line and adding a new planting strip at 3246 SW Avalon Way

As part of the paving project, we'll move the curb line at 3246 SW Avalon Way south so it lines up with the curb lines of neighboring parcels. This means we can add new trees and a planting strip too.

Closing the slip lane from SW Avalon Way to Fauntleroy Way SW

To reduce crossing distances and institute a safety best practice, we'll close the "slip lane" at SW Avalon Way and Fauntleroy Way SW. This action also aligns with the long-term goals of the Fauntleroy Way Boulevard Project.

Installing a new water main

As part of street reconstruction, a new water main will be installed near project area. This will require temporary water shutdowns for some customers. Seattle Public Utilities will work with property managers and businesses to determine the best times for shutdowns and provide advanced notice to impacted customers.

Construction preview

  • Expected to begin spring 2019
  • Expected to wrap up in 2020
  • Traffic control with lane closures and possible detours
  • Traffic congestion, longer travel times, and spillover traffic to adjacent streets
  • Sidewalk, bike lane, and side street closures with signed detours
  • Temporary water shut-offs
  • Noise, dust, and vibrations
  • Large trucks, heavy machinery, and work crews

Project map

Program Description

Each year, we pave arterial streets in poor condition to make them safer, smoother, and to extend their useful life. Keeping our transportation system in a state of good repair helps lower the cost of future maintenance.

We prioritize paving based on pavement condition, traffic volume, geographic equity, cost, and opportunities for grants or coordination with other projects in the area. These are opportunities to redesign the streets for safety and build pieces of our citywide networks from the Bike Master Plan, Pedestrian Master Plan, Transit Master Plan, and Freight Master Plan.


Graphic of the schedule which is described in the following paragraph

  • 2017 - Planning
  • 2018 - Design
  • 2019-2020 - Construction

Stay Engaged

You'll continue to hear from us throughout construction. Please contact us with questions and to sign up for email updates.

  • We'lL be hosting an open house in Spring 2019 to give the public an opportunity to learn about what to expect during construction.
  • Stay in the loop by signing up for email updates. Our email updates will share info on what's happening and what to expect during construction.


These projects are funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015.

Project Materials

Pre-construction phase

Design phase

Planning phase

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