Trees and Construction

SDOT's Landscape Architect Unit provides Landscape Architectural design, design review & construction inspection services for City of Seattle Capital Improvement Projects and the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspection (SDCI) projects to ensure tree preservation and code-compliant landscape improvements in the Right of Way.

New Development & Trees

We coordinate with SDCI during the Early Design Guidance review for new projects. We identify exceptional trees and begin early discussions with SDCI, developers and the community regarding tree preservation and tree selection for new street trees. Property that is to be developed will have an SDCI notice posted providing information about the project and who to contact with your questions and comments.

Capital Improvement Projects

We design, design review and construction inspection for the SDOT Capital Improvement and SPU Natural Drainage Programs. Examples include the extension of the Burke Gilman Trail from the Locks to Golden Gardens, 23rd Ave Paving Project and the Natural Drainage Projects in the Broadview, Pinehurst and Ballard neighborhoods.

Trees adjacent to construction sites that are posted with green Protect Tree signs are designated for protection and are routinely inspected by the Seattle Transportation Landscape Architect's Office.

Tree Removal Approval Process

When trees must be removed for construction of new projects, the City of Seattle require public notification. If you see a notice and want to comment on a project, check tree placards for appropriate contact information. Follow the link to Seattle Dept. of Construction and Inspections for information on tree protection regulations on private property during development. SDCI provides incentives for developers to work with community members through Design Review meetings where the public can speak to the importance of tree preservation landscape elements, and building design issues.

What we do & Program Goals