N 34th St Mobility Improvements

Updated: June 11, 2019

What’s happening now?

This project is still in design and we shared a 60% design concept with the Fremont community at the Fremont Library on June 4. You can review the project map here. The design adds protected bike lanes from Fremont Ave W to Stone Way N, maintains parking on the north side of the street, and updates intersection design at the Stone Way N, Troll Ave N, and Fremont Ave N intersections. We developed this design using traffic data, what we heard during previous community outreach, and guidance from our citywide transportation plans to create a path forward for this safety project.

Please share your feedback by emailing us at N34Mobility@seattle.gov

Cross section design

Project Overview

Over the last few years, we’ve worked with the Fremont community to improve transportation in the neighborhood. This project aligns with both the freight and bicycle master plans by enhancing bicycle safety for all ages and abilities while preserving freight access on N 34th St.

Pedestrians walking

Project Details

Project goals:

  • Enhance safety by upgrading the existing bike lane
  • Maintain freight access to support Seattle's demand for goods and services
  • Provide a comfortable and predictable bike connection between the Fremont Bridge and the Burke-Gilman Trail

Design features:

  • Maintaining a travel lane in each direction on N 34th St between Fremont Ave N and Stone Way N
  • Preserving existing on-street parking and load zones
  • Upgrading standard bike lanes to protected bike lanes by adding a painted buffer area between the bike lane and auto traffic with white plastic posts
  • Enhancing safety at the intersections of Fremont Ave N, Troll Ave N, and Stone Way N

Project map

10% Design Concept

In January 2018 we proposed three potential designs for the project area called “alternatives” and began outreach to the Fremont community about how you use N 34th St between Fremont and Stone Way and what you’d like to see in the future.

Alternative 2 has been selected for further design and feedback. This alternative proposes upgrading the existing bike lanes to protected, paint-and-plastic-post bike lanes on N 34th St from Fremont Ave N to Stone Way N, and maintains the existing parking on the north side of the street.

In order to select an alternative, we conducted an analysis to further explore how the options best meet our goals and the impacts associated with each option.

The design process included consideration of:

  • Traffic and signal analysis
  • Parking analysis
  • Public feedback
  • Freight and bike master plans

Lane design alternatives

How we incorporated your feedback

In 2017 and 2018, we conducted community outreach to hear from businesses, employees, commuters, residents, and property owners about how they use N 34th St. We used this information to help us make design decisions.

Feedback themes:

On-street parking

We heard preference for maintaining the existing on-street parking on the north side of the street. The preferred alternative maintains existing on-street parking.

Two-way bike facility

We heard preference for a two-way bike facility on the south side of the street. Our traffic and signal analysis indicated challenges for this alternative, including travel time delays for people biking and people driving. We eliminated this alternative due to design challenges and in favor of an alternative that best meets the project goals and budget.

Biking/walking priority

The most common safety issue we heard from community members concerned “failure to yield right of way to people walking or biking.” The Recommended Alternative clarifies the right of way, and make it more predictable and comfortable to walk or bike on N 34th St. This alternative preserve parking and includes 1-way protected bike lanes.


Project schedule and progress graphic

  • 2017-2018: Planning
  • 2019: Design
  • 2020: Construction