Rainier Valley Neighborhood Greenway

What's happening now?

Starting November 17, crews are beginning on pavement repair work on the north side of the route on 30th Ave S, S Bayview St, and 31st Ave S. Today they will be cleaning the asphalt in preparation for sealing cracks tomorrow. No Parking signs have been placed in the work area and the restrictions should last into Friday evening.

After sealing, crews will need to close the street to allow time for the sealant to cool and set but the street should be reopened by the end of the day. Crews will remain on site until street reopens.

Crews continue to work on intersection improvements on the north side of the route. They will be working on the intersections of 31st Ave S/S Bayview St and 34th Ave S/S McClellan St (see below and click on the map for the full version). The work on these two intersections is expected to last through mid-December.

Project Area Map

What to expect?

  • Local access will be allowed during the pavement repair work, but you may encounter short delays
  • Intersection improvements will take approximately 3-4 weeks per intersection
  • Crews will place "No Parking" signs in the area 72 hours prior to beginning the construction in any area
  • Typical noise and dust during construction work hours of 7AM to 4PM 
  • Signage and flaggers may detour traffic for short-term road closures during this work

This work is weather dependent, so we will send these email updates regularly to keep you up to date on progress and what to expect. If work is happening in your area, please check the dates and times on the "No Parking" signs. They will be updated regularly so that the restrictions accurately reflect the construction schedule and fluctuations due to weather. Parking will be allowed during the weekends.

Start of Construction Mailer (October 2017)

Construction update Fact Sheet, North Section (October 2017)
Construction update Fact Sheet, Central Section (October 2017)
Construction update Fact Sheet, South Section (October 2017)  

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Neighborhood greenways are safer, calmer residential streets for you, your family, and neighbors. We make people walking and biking the priority.

Neighborhood greenways can include:

  • 20 mph speed limit signs
  • Speed humps to calm traffic
  • Stop signs for side streets crossing the greenway signs and pavement markings to help people find their way
  • Easier crossings of busy streets with crosswalks,
  • Flashing beacons, or traffic signals

Once built, neighborhood greenways can:

  • Create safe pathways for students to walk to school
  • Strengthen communities around safer streets
  • Create neighborhood placemaking
  • Connect you and your neighbors to popular destinations such as schools, parks, business districts, and the city-wide bicycle network
  • Provide alternative options of getting around your neighborhood by walking or biking

The Rainier Valley Neighborhood Greenway is a route over 6 miles long stretching all the way from Mount Baker to Rainier Beach. The route includes small improvements like crosswalks, curb ramps, speed humps, stop signs, and pavement repairs that go a long way to make walking and biking around the neighborhood easier.
Since 2014, we've been gathering community input on the greenway route to select streets that aren't too steep and connect people to neighborhood destinations like light rail, parks, grocery stores, schools, and more. Now we are working to finalize the design and we plan to start construction this summer.Visit our neighborhood greenways home page or a language to learn more about neighborhood greenways.

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Rainier Valley
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Our anticipated schedule is below, but it may change depending on weather and coordination with nearby projects.

  • Spring/Summer 2017: Filling potholes and patching streets to
  • prepare for microsurfacing
  • Mid-May to mid-July 2017: Tree pruning along whole neighborhood
  • greenway route
  • Mid-August 2017: Microsurfacing work
  • Late summer 2017 to spring 2018: Neighborhood greenway construction
  • 2018: Curb ramps installed along microsurfacing streets


This project is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. Learn more about the levy at www.seattle.gov/LevytoMoveSeattle.


Start of Construction Mailer (October 2017)

Construction update Fact Sheet, North Section (October 2017)
Construction update Fact Sheet, Central Section (October 2017)
Construction update Fact Sheet, South Section (October 2017)

Final Route mailer (March 2017)

Final Route North Section (July 2016)
Final Route Center Section (July 2016)
Final Route South Section (July 2016)

Draft Most Promising Route Alignment Change Letter (December 15, 2015)
Draft Most Promising Route Alignment Change Letter (December 7, 2015 )
Draft Most Promising Route Alignment Change Letter (December 3, 2015)
Draft Most Promising Route Alignment Change Letter (November 2015)

Open House #2 Summary Meeting (September 2015)
Hillman Collaboratory Open House #2 Presentation (September 2015)
Hillman Collaboratory Open House #2 Boards (September 2015)
Open House Comment Sheet (September 2015)
North End Meeting Announcement (September 2015)
Mid-Section Meeting Announcement (September 2015)
Note: *The original version of this flier was updated after it was mailed to reflect the
latest proposed improvements at Rainier Ave S & S Mead St. 
2015 South End Meeting Announcement (September 2015)
Meeting Announcement (July 2015)

Open House Presentation (November 2014)
North End Meeting Announcement (November 2014)
Mid-Section Meeting Announcement (November 2014)
South End Meeting Announcement (November 2014)