Beacon Hill Station Access and Mobility Study

Beacon Hill Station

What’s Happening Now

We are looking for youth (ages 16-21) to help us think about how to improve how people move around the North Beacon Hill neighborhood. Applications are open. Dowload the application or fill it out online. Be a transportation ambassador in your community!

Project Overview

Seattle Department of Transportation will be launching this study in early 2018 that will build on ideas generated by residents through the Neighborhood Plan Update (2009) and other city and community plans.

This study will look at:

  • Station and neighborhood multimodal access and circulation improvements
  • Identify urban design recommendations to address issues of safety, placemaking, activation, wayfinding, and equitable and universal access
  • Conduct a feasibility assessment of these improvements
  • Prepare streetscape concept plans for adoption if criteria articulated in Streets Illustrated (the City’s Right-of-Way Improvements Manual) are met
  • Understand community priorities and identify potential funding partners

Project study area:

Project Study Area


January 2018 - October 2018

Past Community and City Planning Documents

Beacon Hill Family Bicycle and Pedestrian Circulation Plan

North Beacon Hill Neighborhood Plan Update (2010)

North Beacon Hill Town Center Urban Design Framework (2011)