Commercial Delivery Load Zone Program / Urban Goods Delivery Strategy

SDOT manages and issues permits for commercial vehicle load zone (CVLZ) use.

The CVLZ program has been in place since 1990; Load Zones are curb zones that are restricted for loading by commercial vehicles with a 30-minute limit. Commercial vehicles purchase an annual permit or pay by use. SDOT issues over 4,000 CVLZ permits per year.

We are evaluating new strategies to better managing CVLZs in the Center City especially with the upcoming transportation mobility projects, residential growth, and office development that affect and increase package and goods/services delivery needs.

In 2013, SDOT finished a loading zone study to investigate how technology and pricing strategies could make more efficient use of CVLZs. This study was funded by a grant from the Federal Highway Administration.

Urban Freight Lab Partnership

SDOT works collaboratively as part of the Urban Freight Lab with the University of Washington.