Permits are required for occupation, use of, and construction in the right of way. The right of way refers to all publicly-managed space that lies between parcels of land, including sidewalks, streets, planting strips, and alleys, and makes up 27% of the total land area in Seattle. Permits ensure mobility and safety through the right of way, and help support our goal of delivering a high-quality transportation system for Seattle.

This page provides information on Street Use permits and Traffic and Parking permits issued by SDOT. Please click the boxes below to access the permit applications and additional information for each area. If you have any permit-related questions, please click the Permit Service Counters and Client Assistance Memos button at the bottom of this page.

Annual Vehicle Permits

Apply for an Annual Vehicle Permit for short term-uses of the right-of-way.

Block Parties and Play Streets

You can temporarily close neighborhood streets to vehicle traffic and open them to kids and adults for socializing, [...]

Commercial Vehicle Load Zone Permits

CVLZ provide a special parking space for service delivery vehicles to stop on busy streets

Construction Use in the Right-of-Way

Any work conducted in the public right-of-way requires a Street Use permit.

Parklets and Streateries Permits

Convert a few on-street parking spots into open spaces for all Seattleites to enjoy.

Gardening in the Planting Strip

Plant vegetable gardens, ornamental plants, or rain gardens in a planting strip with a free Street Use permit.

Sidewalk Cafés

Apply for a sidewalk café permit and enjoy outside table service!

Street and Sidewalk Activities

Learn about how you can enliven streets, alleys, and plazas with street murals, farmers markets, and other activities!

Street Improvement Permits

Learn more about Street Improvement Permits and when they are required!

Storage Container and Residential Dumpster Permits

Moving and need a storage container? Need a dumpster for a home project? Apply for a permit here!

Term Permits and Street Vacations

For long-term installations or private uses of the public right-of-way, apply for a term or street vacation permit.

Utility Work in the Right of Way

Staging a vehicle for utility work, utility installation and maintenance all require a utility permit.