PARK(ing) Day

Pop-Up Parks are Popping Up for PARK(ing) Day 2019!

Please join us on Friday, September 20th and check out the fantastic pop-up parks all around the city! 

From 9 a.m. to 7 p.m, clusters of installations will be operation in:

  • U District
  • Capitol Hill
  • Columbia City

We are also co-hosting a special installation downtown on Dilling Way next to City Hall Park from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

Other installations can be found around the city! Below is a map (click the link on the right to download a printable copy) and list of the installations:

A map of the 2019 PARK(ing) Day installations around Seattle. A full list with addresses can be found below.


03. Enjoy Lake City -  12513 Lake City Way NE and 12545 Lake City Way NE 
37. Mobility Hub - 10104 3rd Ave NE
19. Back to the Future - 6802 15th Ave NE 
32. Green Spaces for a Sustainable Ballard - 1409 NW 65th St
15. Shiga's One World Pop-up Tea Lounge - 4306 University Way
05. Prince Tribute IV - 4134 1st Ave NW
13. Flying Apron Fremont Park - 3510 North Fremont Ave


23. Fridays for the Future Park - 2111 7th Ave
09. Belltown Art Park - 2132 2nd Ave 
12. MG2 Park + Paint - 1111 1st Ave
17. Envisioning a Sustainable Future, Cascadia Consulting Group - 1111 1st Ave
30. Pup Place Parklet - 1011 Western Ave
26. Swimmin' Up Madison! - 2329 E Madison St 
10. Hue Avenue - 401 15th Ave E 
02. ASL Lounge - 320 E Pine St
34. Reduce, Reuse, Re-Parklet - 2701 1st Ave
20. RAIN(y Day) Garden - 2200 6th Ave


07. Flying Apron - 4709 California Ave SW

U District Cluster - intersection of University Way and NE 42nd Street

28. Jaithai Fun Park
31. Seattle Municipal Archives
14. SUMTOT Spot
11. Brooks Wear Testing

Capitol Hill Cluster - on Melrose Ave between E Pine Street and E Pike Street

04. Bike Nest
29. Capitol Hill Tool Library
41. Library for All

Columbia City Cluster - on Rainier Ave S between S Edmunds Street and S Hudson Street

25. Employee Commuter Benefits
18. Island Life
43. Retroactive Kids
22. Bike Works & Urban Artworks
46. Alta Planning + Design
44. Island Soul
01. Tee off for Trees
45. Cascade Bicycle Club
35. YPT Seattle

What Is PARK(ing) Day?

Taking place every third Friday of September, PARK(ing) Day is an annual global placemaking event in which community members temporarily transform parking spaces into people spaces. Seattle's participation in PARK(ing) Day gives residents an opportunity to reimagine how streets can be used. Starting as a grassroots movement, the initiative serves as a way to repurpose public space and allows for communities to add park space where it is currently limited. In Seattle, we want to encourage communities to use streets as sites for public expression and creative experimentation, as well as for enjoyment of health and wellness.

To learn more about PARK(ing) Day, check out this great video put together by a student at the 2018 Northwest School PARK(ing) Day installation. 

Program Goals

Seattle PARK(ing) Day seeks to:

  • Inspire residents, businesses, and community organizations to use their streets for creative placemaking and demonstration projects
  • Strengthen community connections
  • Increase awareness about the importance of walkable, livable, and healthy cities
  • Encourage residents to reimagine public space in ways that can be replicated elsewhere

Past Highlights

A pop-up park with games for children
A pop-up park streatery
A pop-up park with granola bars
A pop-up park with art
A pop-up park streatery with celebration
A pop-up park streatery
A pop-up park
A pop-up park with street art and dancing
A pop-up park with games
A pop-up park
A pop-up park streatery with art
A pop-up park with art
A pop-up park with art and games
A pop-up park with games
A pop-up park tea party
A pop-up park
A pop-up park
A pop-up park streatery
A pop-up park
Park + Paint by MG2
A pop-up park streatery
A parklet