PARK(ing) Day

What It Is

PARK(ing) Day is an annual global placemaking event in which community members lead the temporary transformation of parking spaces into people spaces. Taking place every third Friday of September, Seattle’s participation in PARK(ing) Day gives residents an opportunity to reimagine how streets can be used. Originating as a grassroots movement, the initiative has served as a way to repurpose public space and allows for communities to add park space where it is currently limited. In Seattle, we want to encourage communities to use streets as sites for public expression and creative experimentation, as well as for enjoyment and to promote health and wellness.

To learn more about PARK(ing) Day, check out this great video put together by a student at the 2018 Northwest School PARK(ing) Day installation. 


Program Goals

Seattle PARK(ing) Day seeks to:

  • Inspire residents, businesses, and community organizations to use their streets for creative placemaking and demonstration projects
  • Strengthen community connections
  • Increase awareness about the importance of walkable, livable, and healthy cities
  • Encourage residents to reimagine public space in ways that can be replicated elsewhere

PARK(ing) Day 2018!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Seattle PARK(ing) Day 2018 and helped make it a success. This year there were a whopping 62 pop-up parks spread throughout the city— a Seattle record!

Check out the interactive Map below and the printable PDF map (on side bar) to see who participated and where they were located.

2018 Updates

We made it easier and more fun than ever before to participate in PARK(ing) Day by adding three new features:

1. Neighborhood Clusters

Applicants had the option to locate alongside other pop-up parks in one of seven neighborhood clusters. Hosts participating in a cluster enjoyed greater synergy, visibility and safety among their pop-up parks; in turn, we offered to handle the logistics of parking space set-up.

2. Info Sessions

Three PARK(ing) Day Info Sessions were held in parklets around the city in which visitors had the opportunity to see examples of PARK(ing) Day pop-up parks, review the application process, and ask questions. Folks also had the opportunity to learn more about the option of locating in a cluster.

3. Awards Celebration

In partnership with the Washington Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (WASLA) and Design in Public, this year we held a PARK(ing) Day celebration at the Center for Architecture and Design to close out the day and recognize the installations that YOU voted for as exemplifying the goals of PARK(ing) Day. The three categories and the winners were:

  • Pavement Upcycle Award: Most creative use of space
    Helps shift perspectives by innovatively reimagining a parking space into something uniquely new.
    Winner: Belltown Unicorn Zoo
  • Collective Effervescence Award: Most connected to community
    Sparks community connections and reminds us to keep it kind.
    Winner: Kelp Us Sea It Through
  • TRUST Award: Most interactive programming
    Actively engages passerby in activities, discussion, and/or educational opportunities that are designed for TRUST (the theme of this year’s Seattle Design Festival).
    Winner: Kelp Us Sea It Through


PARK(ing) Day 2018 may have passed, but feel free to check out our PARK(ing) Day Guidelines for more information about the event, and contact us for information about participating next year!

Neighborhood Matching Fund

If you would like to participate in a future PARK(ing) Day, but need financial assistance, consider applying to the City of Seattle’s Neighborhood Matching Fund. Since 1988, the Fund has awarded more than $49 million to more than 5,000 projects throughout Seattle and generated an additional $72 million of community match.

Related Events

PARK(ing) Day occurs during the Seattle Design Festival — two weeks of citywide activities, tours, presentations, workshops and exhibits exploring the role of design in our city.

2017 Highlights

A pop-up park with games for children
A pop-up park streatery
A pop-up park with granola bars
A pop-up park with art
A pop-up park streatery with celebration
A pop-up park streatery
A pop-up park
A pop-up park with street art and dancing
A pop-up park with games
A pop-up park
A pop-up park streatery with art
A pop-up park with art
A pop-up park with art and games
A pop-up park with games
A pop-up park tea party
A pop-up park
A pop-up park
A pop-up park streatery
A pop-up park
Park + Paint by MG2
A pop-up park streatery
A parklet