Maps and Data


Seattle Parking Map - citywide street parking and garages

Paid parking areas – paid parking rates and hours of operation

Carpool Parking Map


e-Park program – real-time spaces available at garages in downtown Seattle

Performance-Based Parking Pricing Program – Annual Paid Parking Study and rate changes

Neighborhood Business District Intercept Surveys - survey results provide local business organizations and city departments with resident and visitor data

Do you want to build a mobile parking app?

SDOT can help. Our parking information can help people make smarter decisions to find parking faster and spending less time circling, stuck in traffic.

Seattle data map services

REST endpoints for ESRI map layers that are part of map services (WM_CityGISLayers and DSG_datasharing are the map services):

  • Parking Pay Stations–kiosk locations, rates, hours of operation and max stay
  • Street parking signs–All city parking signs (over 100,000), with sign type, location and text
  • Public Parking Lots–Real-time e-Park garage space counts and all known public parking lots and garages within city boundaries where there is a charge for parking
  • Other SDOT data and maps

For each link above, look for the Query hyperlink. This will help you understand the type of operations supported on the service. Check out the ESRI site and user blogs on how to interact with these services.

Paid parking transactions data