Pay at a Pay Station

Pay Station Features

  • Instructions on how to use our pay stations.
  • Pay stations accept credit cards, debit cards, and coins.
  • Need morning parking? On blocks without morning parking restrictions, you can pre-pay starting at 4am, up to the maximum time allowed.
  • Time of day rates allow for lower prices during times of lower demand, check out the on-street parking rate map.

Parking Rules

  • Pay for parking during the pay to park hours, noted on pay stations and signs directly above the pay station.
  • Holidays and Sundays are free parking days (except for event days/times in Uptown).
  • Follow instructions on the pay station - enter your license number, select your time, make a payment, and be on your way!
  • You can also pay for parking using PayByPhone.
  • Park on the block for up to the maximum time shown, then leave that space so someone else can use it.
  • Please don't park during restricted hours (posted on street signs) or you risk ticket and tow.