Pay at a Pay Station

New! Pay by Plate

  • Sign up for now. Benefits include:

      • Swipe your credit card to start your transaction. Skip entering your license plate number at the machine!
      • Access your parking history for up to 2 years.
      • Print receipts at any time.
      • Nickname your vehicles!
  • users' license plate numbers are tied to your credit card-simply swipe your credit card and the pay station will recognize you by name. Try it today! See video instructions on how to use to Pay by Plate.

Pay Station Features

  • Pay stations accept credit cards, debit cards, and coins.
  • Need morning parking? On most blocks, you can pre-pay at night for time the next morning, up to the maximum time allowed. 
  • Time of day rates allow for lower prices during times of lower demand, check out the on-street parking rate map.


Parking Rules

  • Pay for parking during the pay to park hours, noted on pay stations and signs directly above the pay station.
  • Holidays and Sundays are free parking days.
  • Follow instructions on the pay station - enter your license number, select your time, make a payment, and be on your way!
  • You can also pay for parking using PayByPhone.
  • Park on the block for up to the maximum time shown, then leave that space so someone else can use it.
  • Please don't park during restricted hours (posted on street signs) or you risk ticket and tow.