Upcoming Construction & Events

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The following activities may impact travel in Seattle. Note: Information is subject to change. Additional construction or events may be planned in the Seattle area.

August 12 to 21, 2022

  • August 12 - 15: Three lanes closed on I-5 SB betwen I-90 and S Spokane St. I-90 Ramps to I-5 SB closed.
  • August 12 - 15: Montlake Blvd and Lake Washington Blvd on-ramps to eastbound SR 520 closed
  • Starting August 12 through February 2023: I-5 express lanes reduced from four to three lanes from SR 520 to Mercer St
  • August 15 - 19: Full closure I-5 Express Lanes. 11 PM to 4:30AM nightly.
  • August 18-21: Emerald City Comic Con at the Washington State Convention Center
  • August 18: Seahawks vs Chicago Bears Pre-Season Game at Lumen Field. 5:00PM kickoff.
  • August 19 - 21: Three lanes closed on I-5 SB betwen I-90 and S Spokane St. SB I-5 off-ramps to S. Forest St. and Columbian Way/S. Spokane St. Viaduct will be closed.


  • Weeknight closures of NB I-5 mainline between the I-5 collector-distributor and Olive Way. 9PM to 5AM nightly.
  • Weeknight (Mon - Thrs) closures of Montlake Blvd. on-ramp to EB SR520. 10PM to 6AM nightly through December 2023.

Other Events

To view a more complete list of planned events and activities in the Seattle area from August 12 to 21, click here.

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