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District 6 – Projects

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District 6 — Project Updates

2019 Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks and Streets Elected Projects

STREETS | Shilshole Ave NW and NW 46th St

Crossing Improvements

Project Overview

The Shilshole Ave NW and NW 46th St intersection provides an important connection for people who access the growing number of nearby businesses and was selected by Seattle residents for improvement. We'll widen the existing marked crosswalk and formalize the parking restrictions within 20 feet of the crosswalk to enhance overall visibility and safety for all users.

The Shilshole Ave NW and NW 46th St intersection is in the vicinity of the "Missing Link" of the Burke-Gilman Trail. The construction of the "Missing Link" has been halted due to legal challenges, but this Your Voice Your Choice funded improvement is independent from that project and will serve pedestrians regardless of any additional future work in the area. 

Project Solutions

  • Install a wider marked crosswalk with additional pedestrian crossing signs
  • Mark restricted parking areas adjacent to the marked crosswalk with hatches

Neighborhood: Ballard

Total Cost: $26,000
YVYC Funds: $26,000

Project Schedule and Updates

Construction was completed in August 2020.

Shilshole Ave NW Project Map

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STREETS | 6th Ave NW between NW 43rd St and NW 50th St

Street Enhancements

Project Overview

This section of 6th Ave NW has been identified by many community members to be part of a larger neighborhood greenway. Neighborhood greenways are neighborhood streets with enhanced crossings of busy streets, low motorized traffic volumes and speeds that are designated and designed to give bicycle and pedestrian safe and pleasant travel priority. We'll build out most of the neighborhood greenway elements for this section to provide a safer and pleasant environment for people who walk and bike in their neighborhood and to nearby places. Please check out SDOT's Neighborhood Greenways homepage for more information.

Project Solutions

  • Install speed humps and associated sign and markings; exact locations to be determined
  • Install new "Stop" signs on the east-west streets
  • Change the existing "Stop" signs for north-south traffic at 6th Ave NW & NW 48th St to be "Stop" signs for east-west traffic
  • Maintain the street trees for visibility of "Stop" signs

Neighborhood: West Woodland

Total Cost: $107,600
YVYC Funds: $107,600

Project Schedule and Updates

We anticipate construction as soon as summer/fall 2022.

6th Ave NW Project Map

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