Green Lake and Wallingford Paving & Multi-Modal Improvements

Updated: February 26, 2019

What’s happening now?

Thanks to all those who continue to engage with us about streetscape improvements coming to your neighborhoods!

This winter, we completed 100% design of the project, incorporating community feedback to finalize the design. Learn more about what has changed since the last design milestone by reading our updated Feedback and Action Plan: What We Heard and What We're Doing document. The design of the N 50th St, Stone Way N, and Green Lake Way N intersection and the Stone Way portion of the project are still in progress and will be completed later this year.

Thanks to support and participation from community members and project neighbors, we've been able to finalize the design in a way that incorporates and builds upon community feedback. Based on your feedback and suggestions, the final design features:

  • A more predictable intersection at Green Lake Way N, N 71st St, and NE Ravenna Blvd, with new curb bulbs, squaring up, and designated space for people walking, biking, and driving
  • A redesigned protected bike lane connection on Green Lake Way N, which avoids adding a new signal at N 52nd St
  • Updated lane layouts on Stone Way N and N 40th St to preserve on-street parking and make additional improvements for people walking

What comes next

We anticipate starting construction this May and reaching completion in 2020. We are currently in the process of selecting a contractor, who will help us determine our construction schedule and the order in which work is completed. You can expect construction Monday through Friday with occasional weekend work, as needed. We will continue to share information as we get closer to construction on our project webpage.

Partner projects underway

This month, you may notice Puget Sound Energy (PSE) construction crews in the area as a part of their gas main replacement work. We've been working proactively with PSE in planning their work so it's completed prior to the start of our project construction. This joint coordination is an effort to maximize cost savings and reduce rework by completing PSE's work under the road prior to repaving the street. 

Sign up for project email updates to stay involved as we move through our design process and into construction preparation and read our updated Frequently Asked Questions document for our answers to commonly asked questions about the project.

Project Overview

Green Lake Paving Project

As soon as May of 2019, we’ll repave and update lane layouts in the Green Lake and Wallingford communities to create safer places for everyone — whether you're walking, biking, driving, or taking transit. Paving projects create opportunities to update street design, which can improve safety and move people and goods more efficiently in a growing Seattle.

We’ll be making improvements to the following streets:

  • N 40th St: Stone Way to Latona Ave NE
  • N 50th St: Phinney Ave to Roosevelt Way
  • Green Lake Loop: Green Lake Dr and Green Lake Way along the east side of the lake, Stone Way to 45th
  • N 80th St: Aurora Ave to I-5

On many streets, we’ve developed new lane layouts and redesigned intersections. New street elements will include:

  • More than 6 miles of repaved streets
  • More than 500 new or upgraded curb ramps to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines
  • Nearly 4 miles of new, enhanced, or upgraded bike lanes, including:
    • Protected bike lanes along Green Lake Dr and Green Lake Way on the east side of the lake, continuing on Stone Way to 46th
    • East-west bike improvements in Wallingford (exact location TBD)
    • Enhanced bike lanes on N 50th west of Stone Way N
  • Improvements at many intersections, including new signals at select locations
  • Sidewalk repair and replacement in select locations
  • Bus stop relocations and consolidations for better transit speed and reliability

Below is an overview of the changes being made along specific segments of the full project area.

N 40th St: Stone Way to Latona Ave NE

  • More than 100 upgraded or new curb ramps
  • Sidewalk repair near bus shelters, near people's homes, and at key intersections
  • Rapid flashing beacons at Bagley Ave N and 2nd Ave NE to improve visibility for people walking
  • Reviewing potential improvements to east-west connections for people who bike in the Wallingford area (exact location TBD)
  • Maintenance of street trees, except wherever necessary for sidewalk repair

To learn more, read our N 40th St fact sheet.

N 50th St: Phinney Ave N to Roosevelt Way NE

  • Wider bike lanes between Phinney Ave N and Stone Way N to improve comfort and safety for people biking
  • Clearer striping of the bike lanes to clearly separate people driving and biking, as well as parked cars
  • Keeping on-street parking
  • More than 170 upgraded or new curb ramps
  • Adding rapid flashing beacons at the intersections of N 50th St with Dayton Ave N and Woodland Park Ave N to improve safety and visibility for people walking
  • Improvements to the N 50th St, Stone Way N, and E Green Lake Way N intersection that fall within the project's scope and budget

To learn more, read our N 50th St fact sheet.

Green Lake Loop

  • Building a 2-way protected bike lane around the Lake, which will transition to 1-way bike lanes at the intersection of W Green Lake Way N and E Green Lake Way N (near the Pitch and Putt) and extend to N 46th St
  • Improving the intersection of W Green Lake Way N and E Green Lake Way N (near the Pitch and Putt), which includes adding a new signal that will improve wait times by over 2.5 minutes
  • Making the intersection of NE Ravenna Blvd, NE 71st St, and E Green Lake Way N more predictable. We'll "square up" the intersection as much as possible by adding curb bulbs and widening the west-side sidewalks. We're also adding a rapid flashing beacon one block south of the intersection to improve safety for people crossing
  • Parking removal on the east side of Stone Way N between N 45th St and N 50th St, as well as at key intersections around the lake to accommodate new lane layouts
  • More than 180 upgraded or new curb ramps

To learn more, read our Green Lake Loop fact sheet.

Stone Way N: N 45th St to N 50th St

  • 1-way protected bike lanes on each side of the street
  • Parking removal on the east side of Stone Way N between N 46th St and N 50th St
  • Some spot on-street parking removal on the west side of Stone Way near driveways to ensure visibility and sightlines
  • More than 30 upgraded or new curb ramps

To learn more, read our Stone Way N fact sheet.

N 80th St: Aurora Ave N to I-5

  • No changes to lane layouts
  • Adding paint and post curb bulbs on the north side of 80th on either side of the Ashworth Ave N intersection to improve safety and visibility
  • Repaving nearly a mile of 80th, including replacing or repairing broken concrete panels and repaving asphalt in specific areas
  • More than 70 upgraded or new curb ramps

To learn more, read our N 80th St fact sheet.

Program Description

Avalon Bike Lane

Arterial streets are primary routes for moving people and goods through the city and connecting neighborhoods and business districts to one another and the regional transportation network.

Each year, we pave arterial streets in poor condition to make them safer, smoother, and to extend their useful life. Keeping our transportation system in a state of good repair helps lower the cost of future maintenance.

We prioritize paving based on pavement condition, traffic volume, geographic equity, cost, and opportunities for grants or coordination with other projects in the area.


June 2019: Construction begins

2020: Anticipated completion


These projects are funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. 


Related Projects

In addition, we'll be folding in several other projects that were selected through SDOT’s Neighborhood Street Fund and Your Voice, Your Choice programs, which provide funding for local projects deemed a priority by communities. These projects include intersection redesigns at multiple locations, such as the addition of curb bulbs and curb ramps at the intersection of Densmore Ave N, Ashworth Ave N, and N 40th St, and curb bulbs, curb ramps, and a new crosswalk at N 40th St and Bagley Ave N. Other related projects:

Need a translation?

The City of Seattle is paving portions of N 40th St, N 50th St, N 80th St and streets on the east side of Green Lake as soon as 2019. To request translation of these materials, call 206-693-4151.

La Ciudad de Seattle pavimentará porciones de las calles N 40th St, N 50th St, N 80th St y calles en el lado este de Green Lake a más tardar para el 2019. Para solicitar la traducción de este material, llame al 206-693-4151.

西雅图市政府最快将于2019年铺设以下的部分路面:N 40th St, N 50th St, N 80th St以及 Green Lake 东边的街道。如 需這些資料的譯文,或是在會議時需要口譯服務,請 致電 206-693-4151。