Aurora Ave N and N 83rd St Mobility Improvements

October 15, 2019

What's happening now?

As soon as early November, we will begin preliminary work for the improvements planned at the Aurora Ave N and N 83rd St intersection. We will verify that existing underground utilities do not conflict with new signal pole foundations on the northwest and northeast corners of the intersection. During this construction, traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction on Aurora and the right turn pocket on 83rd will be closed. We will return as soon as February 2020 to install these new signal poles and complete the remainder of the improvements. 

What to expect during construction

  • Work lasting approximately two weeks
  • Work hours between 7AM and 3PM, Monday through Friday
  • Typical construction noise, dust, and vibrations
  • Temporary parking restrictions
  • Temporary pedestrian and bike detours
  • Access to business and homes will be maintained at all times

Project Overview

The new crossing improvements to expect once the project is complete are:

  • Pedestrian traffic signal
  • Realigning the intersection
  • Adding extended curb bulbs
  • Adding a new crosswalk on the north side of the 83rd and Aurora intersection

Traffic revisions include: The slip lane for right turns onto Aurora from 83rd will be removed, and vehicles will exit to Green Lake Dr N. N 83rd St between Aurora and Stone will remain a two-way street but drivers heading northwest on Green Lake will not be able to turn right onto 83rd.


  • A safer crossing intersection for Bagley Elementary students and families
  • Connects Green Lake Dr N to the North Seattle neighborhood greenway on 83rd St
  • Safer and more predictable crossings for everyone

Map showing project area and improvements at Aurora Ave N and N 83rd St.


Construction resumes - February 2020

Utility work - November 2019

Construction notice mailed to nearby businesses and residents - October 2019


This project is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. Additional funding comes from a Washington State Department of Transportation grant and our local Safe Routes to School program.

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