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Real-Time Downtown Parking Information

e-Park has doubled in size! There are now twice as many garages with real-time parking information in Seattle’s Retail District, Pioneer Square and on the Waterfront. Click here to check out our mobile website. Bookmark it on your smart phone and you’ll have e-Park right at your fingertips.

Update: Garages are slowly coming back online as our local devices are rebooted. Some garages are having internet problems because of a Century Link outage. They have scheduled a Century Link tech for tomorrow (5/27/16) and should be back up once their connectivity is restored. We are programing the remaining offline garages to display OPEN or CLOSED depending on their hours so that our signs are not blank.

Note: The e-Park system is currently down. It went down yesterday afternoon (5/25/16) and has been sporadic since. The signs automatically blank and show nothing when they don't receive data from the system so we are not showing incorrect info on the signs. Currently there is no estimated time for a fix but we will update this page as more info becomes available.


Find Downtown Parking Faster with e-Park

Downtown Seattle shines with world-class arts, entertainment, shopping and dining. When you visit downtown, e-Park signs help you find parking faster. The signs let you know how many spaces are available in twelve garages throughout the Downtown Retail Core, Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square and central Waterfront neighborhoods.

Look for dynamic signs at key downtown points to guide you to participating garages with available spaces. The signs tell how many spaces are currently available in each garage. Real-time parking information takes the guesswork out of parking and helps reduce congestion, leaving you more time to enjoy all that downtown has to offer.

Looking for a quick e-Park primer? Watch the video to take a 30-second tour of downtown Seattle’s parking guidance system.


Need more parking information?

Visit these other links for helpful parking information, and for on-street regulations and off-street parking facilities in Seattle.

e-Park is a program of the Seattle Department of Transportation with support from the Washington State Department of Transportation.

For more information, please contact Meghan Shepard at (206) 684-4208 or Michael Solheim at (206) 733-9956.



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