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Seattle's CTR Champions: Going Further in 2017

Annual CTR Champions Awards Ceremony

Employer investments in transportation programs, benefits, and amenities continue to produce real results that reduce congestion and improve commerce and quality of life in Seattle.  The CTR Champions program recognizes employers who achieve progress towards reducing their drive alone rates, provide innovative and comprehensive commuter programs to their employees, and show high levels of engagement with the program and their peers. This year’s CTR Champions Awards are themed “Going Further” to recognize employers that have gone above and beyond the average to provide commuting options to their employees. 

This year's celebration was held on March 9th, 2017 and recognized 76 employers with Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze awards.  Our scoring system has evolved to better recognize:

  • Performance
    Points awarded for:
    • Meeting Network goal for Drive Alone Rate
    • Exceeding Network goal for Drive Alone Rate
    • Lower Drive Alone Rate since 2014 survey
    • Achievement of top 10 highest rates for biking, walking, transit, carpool, vanpool, and flex scheduling/telework
  • Programming and support
    Points awarded for:
    • ORCA transit pass programs and subsidy
    • Vanpool and carpool subsidy and parking
    • Biking and walking programs, amenities, and/or subsidy
    • Telework, flex time, or compressed work week options
    • Guaranteed ride home in case of emergency
    • Pre-tax program for employee commute expenses
    • Corporate memberships offering access to bikeshare, carshare, transportation network companies (Uber, Lyft, taxi, etc)
    • Employee shuttle, company cars or bikes, internal circulator for workday travel
    • Internal ride matching or RideshareOnline
  • Engagement and Communications
    Points awarded for:
    • Communications: conveying transportation information regularly to employees and new employees
    • Participating in events such as Bike Month
    • Attending two or more events, meetings, seminars, or conferences

Check our this year's winners!

Previous Years’ Results:

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Are you a CTR Champion?

What does your transportation program currently include? If you answer "no" or "I don't know" to any of the questions listed here, it's time to take action – check out the resources in the box below.

CTR Champions Resources

How are employers near you successfully reducing their drive alone rate?

Free resources available through the City's CTR program

Contact us for one-on-one assistance to improve your program

2017 CTR Champions Awards Press Release

CTR Champion profiles

  • Do you have an ORCA program?
  • Do you offer transit subsidies? Do you promote walking or biking to work?
  • Do you offer telework or compressed work weeks?
  • Do you offer a pre-tax option for transit?
  • Do you offer Guaranteed Ride Home?
  • Have you promoted a transportation campaign such as Bike Month or Wheel Options?
  • Do you know how your drive-alone rate (DAR) compares to your neighbors'? To your neighborhood’s DAR goal? To your past performance?


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