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Milestones and Schedule

Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit

Moving more people on Madison St with fast, frequent, reliable public transit

Last updated: August 21, 2017

What's happening now?

Thanks for stopping by Umoja Fest in August! This summer, stop by our kiosk to learn more about the project at:

1700 23rd Ave

The Polyclinic
904 7th Ave

Also this summer, you may see small work crews on the corridor as we continue utility location and soil testing work.

Did you know? Madison Street BRT will become RapidRide G Line when service begins.


The Madison Street BRT Route has been shaped by public input.

The Seattle Transit Master Plan (2012) identified Madison St between the Colman Dock Ferry Terminal in downtown Seattle and 23rd Ave E as a future high-capacity, bus rapid transit (BRT) corridor.

Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will provide fast, frequent, reliable, and safe public transportation between 1st Ave in downtown Seattle and Martin Luther King Jr Way. The route will serve densely developed neighborhoods in downtown Seattle, First Hill, Capitol Hill, the Central Area, and Madison Valley. It will connect to dozens of bus routes, the First Hill Streetcar, and ferry service at the Colman Dock Ferry Terminal.

Madison Street BRT is the first of 7 new RapidRide lines in Seattle. When service starts in late 2019, King County Metro will operate Madison Street BRT as RapidRide Line G.

RapidRide in Seattle is a combination of service improvements, capital investments, and design treatments that build on the success of existing RapidRide service. Madison Street BRT is also making additional station improvements.
We will use new state-of-the-art electric trolley buses (ETBs) that produce zero emissions and are extremely quiet. Surface rail transit is not an option for this corridor due to the steep east-west street grades.

Check out this video for an overview of the Madison Street BRT project!


The table below outlines the project's key milestones and basic schedule.



Jan 2013 - May 2014

Project scope refined

June 2014 – April 2015

Developed and analyzed concept design alternatives, began community engagement

May 2015 – October 2015

Refined concept design with community engagement

November 2015

Finalized and shared draft concept design

February 2016

City Council approved concept design to move forward (also called Locally Preferred Alternative)

February – May 2016

Validated cost assumptions from concept design before beginning early design

Spring/Summer 2016

Community engagement on early design, including individual meetings, community briefings, and a series of open houses in August

January – February 2017

Met with property and business owners to discuss construction options and parking and loading needs

March 2017

Two public meetings (March 9 and 15) and an online open house to share latest project design and get public feedback

Spring/Summer 2017

Continue design process; continue working with property owners, businesses, and residents to complete construction phasing plan; environmental review

Early 2018

Anticipated completion of final design; advertise for construction bids; public open houses

Mid 2018 - early 2020

Construction in phases along corridor

Late 2020

Madison Street BRT service begins (as RapidRide G line)


Madison Street BRT is partially funded by the voter-approved Levy to Move Seattle and the voter-approved Sound Transit 3 (ST3) package. We are pursuing other funding sources for final design and construction, particularly Federal Transit Administration funding. Estimated project cost is $120 million.

Contact information

Sara Colling, Community Outreach Lead

Phone line
: 206-484-2780

Este es un boletín de noticias sobre el servicio de transporte de Madison Street Bus Rapid Transit. Para más información sobre el proyecto, por favor comuníquese con Sara Colling al 206-484-2780.

此通訊是関于麦迪逊街巴士快速交通系統。想知道更多有関此项工程或在我們的公開展示要求翻譯服務, 請聯絡Sara Colling at 206-484-2780.

이 소식지는 Madison가 버스 고속 수송 체제에 관한것입니다. 이 계획에 대한 정보를 원하시거나 공개일에 통역 서비스를 요청하시려면, 에밀리 리어던 (Sara Colling) 에게 206-484-2780 로 전화해 주십시요.

ये न्युजलेटर मैडिसन स्ट्रीट बस रैपिड ट्रांजिट के सम्बन्ध मे है। इस प्रोजेक्ट की अधिक जानकारी के लिए या ओपनहाउस के वक्त दोभाषिय अनुरोध करने के लिए कृपया एमिली रियर्डन को 206-484-2780 में कॉल करे।

How can I get involved?

We are always interested in meeting with community and neighborhood groups that want to learn more about the project and make their voices heard.

  • Text updates: Text "Madison" to 33222
  • Email updates: Sign up using the form below
  • Request a briefing: You can request a briefing by emailing or calling 206-484-2780.

More details and opportunities to get involved will be announced as they are scheduled.

Materials Library

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

March 2017

February 2017

January 2017

November 2016

August 2016

July 2016

January 22, 2016 City Council Meeting

November 16, 2015 Open House

October 2015

July 2015

May 2015 Online Survey Results

In May, the Madison Street BRT project hosted an online survey to seek input on:

  • BRT design options, routing, terminals, and station locations
  • Priorities for transit service and capital investments
  • Design concepts for a Central Area protected bike lane

The results of the survey can be found here.

May 2015 Open House


January 2015 Online Survey

November 20, 2014 Open House

September 30, 2014 Open House

September 2014 - Stakeholder Outreach

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