Lewis Park Improvements

Updated: August 6, 2019

Thank you, Seattle! This project is complete.

Fall 2018
Seattle Parks and Recreation is working with Friends of Lewis Park to complete some of the priority items not covered in the original budget. The new stone bench in the gathering area off Golf Drive S and 15th Avenue S is being installed in September. We expect wayfinding sign posts a new rainbow sign and new kiosk to follow this fall.

Spring 2018
The Friends of Lewis Park (FOLP) secured additional funds from the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. FOLP is working with Parks to determine what pieces of the project as designed and bid, that were not covered by the original budget, can be added in 2018.

The contractor, WS Contractors, is back on site installing the new walkway sections. Once the structure is in place a new grating surface will be attached. We are waiting on the grating and hope to have it on site by the end of the month. The trail is being used to move bridge materials in and once everything is in place on the structure we will restore the trail and get it open.

Download construction photos from May 23, 2017
Download construction photos from May 15, 2017

The project includes a new trail through the natural area. Running north to south on the ground and across new elevated structures, the project will bring visitors across a large area currently inaccessible due to the steepness of the terrain. The trail will improve pedestrian circulation, provide better accessibility for people with disabilities, and create better access for site restoration. The Friends of Lewis Park will use the trail for their ongoing stewardship and educational activities. 

Download the final concept plan

Download the plan overview

Download the upper bench plan

Lewis Park Conceptual Plan


Lewis Park, 1120 15th Avenue South, 98144 (North Beacon Hill)


The second round of the Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund allocates $700,000 for this project.


Planning: 2012
Design: 2012-2013
Construction: Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Project Description

The goal is to restore the habitat of Lewis Park, foster long term community stewardship and bring in people from all different backgrounds to enjoy it. This project will continue the habitat restoration, provide access via trails and create areas for educational programming.

There have been four community Neighborhood Matching Fund (NMF) projects and two Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund projects.

  • Phase One (NMF): The Friends of Lewis Park (FoLP) hired a geotechnical engineer (Terra Associates) to study the land to prepare for future volunteer and professional work.
  • Phase Two (NMF): This award funded volunteer restoration and professional restoration of relatively accessible areas.
  • Parks & Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund (2009/2010) Reforestation Project: Restore the steep slope area of the urban forest at Lewis Park which includes the removal of invasive plants and the planting and care of native plants and trees. This was a very large project and revealed much land that will be used in the planning phase.
  • Phase Three (NMF): The FoLP hired a consultant to work with neighborhood, committee, and Parks to create a design that will guide future work in the park. It includes restoration, educational areas, and other ways to bring people into the neighborhood forest.
  • Phase Four (NMF): The consultant will manage getting permits, survey and preliminary engineer work.
  • Parks & Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Fund (2012/2013) Natural Area Restoration Project: This project was selected for the second round of Parks and Green Spaces Levy Opportunity Funding. The application received in this community-initiated process is a preliminary concept and the final design may be constrained by the project budget. All projects will go through Park’s public involvement procedure which includes public meetings and community input. They will also go through an internal Parks process to ensure the most effective implementation.


May 2015

Parks natural Area Crew and Friends of Lewis Park completed the first sections of upper pathway along Golf/15th this summer!

The design team is moving ahead with the larger trail project, the City is reviewing the design work and we are working to bid by early summer 2015.

Spring/Summer 2014

At the April 29 public meeting Parks discussed the upcoming Parks and Green Spaces Levy project and process. Mark Hafs, from Hafs Epstein Landscape Architects gave an update on the project with a follow up question and answer session.

The Friends of Lewis Park selected Hafs Epstein to be the consultant for the design of the Park. The work was funded with Neighborhood Matching Funds (NMF). The goal of the project was to add access trails and gathering spaces to the park (located across the street from the Pacific Medical Center). After three public meetings and many conversations with the public and Parks, a concept plan has been prepared.

The Friends of Lewis Park have a current NMF award to conduct a survey, prepare more specific geotechnical work and prepare permit drawings.