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This park takes inspiration from Cesar Estrada Chavez, who championed the rights of farm workers. The site is King County land adjacent to Highway 99. In 1997, Sea Mar, a community organization located in South Park, was granted stewardship of the property by King County. In the years since Seattle Parks and Recreation assumed management of the park through a Surface Use Permit with King County. Students at nearby Concord school have participated in workshops learning about modern art and Cesar Chavez, and created a painting that is posted at the park.

Jesus Bautista Moroles, a nationally recognized stone sculptor, donated a sculpture titled "Musical Steles," comprised of three musical basalt columns fabricated in the South Park neighborhood.

A documentary titled "Seasonal Soil...Singing Stones," made in 2003 by Jennifer Maas, tells the story of Cesar Chavez Park and South Park. The documentary has aired on the Seattle Channel and is shown as part of a permanent exhibit of Jesus Moroles' work at the Houston Museum of Art.

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