Magnuson Community Center

Magnuson Community Center is temporarily operating from 6344 NE 74th Stt. in Bldg 406, still in the park, while the community center's building is renovated.


M/Tu/F: Noon to 9pm
W/Th: 9am to 9pm
Sat: 12-5pm
Sun: closed


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Magnuson Community Center


  • Basketball Court
  • Indoor Toddler Playtime
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Wifi
  • Teen Programs
  • Late Night Programs
  • Drop in Programs
  • Lifelong Recreation



Magnuson Community Center is temporarily operating from 6344 NE 74th Street in Bldg 406, still within the park. The community center's old building is being renovated.

Magnuson Community Center is notable for its unique location inside Magnuson Park, a former U.S. naval air station that is now Seattle's second largest park at 350 acres. The park has more than 10 ballfields, nearly 40 acres of wetlands, a large play area, dog off-leash area, a swimming beach and boat launch on Lake Washington, historic district, and trails and roads connecting everything. To the south of the community center is Solid Ground Housing which serves more than 250 formerly homeless residents in permanent and transitional housing.

Built in the late 1930s as part of the Navy base, the community center building was remodeled in 2002. It now consists of a full gym with built-in bleachers, a multipurpose room, and a lobby. Attached on the north side of the building is an auditorium that seats nearly 500 and is leased by the Seattle Musical Theatre. As part of the lease agreement, Seattle Parks and Recreation can use the space 22 days a year. The gym is leased until 6 p.m. by private schools five days a week during winter months and two days a week during the entire school year. Outside of these hours, the gym is used for basketball practices, sports programs, summer activity camps and tot gym.

Magnuson Community Center has a huge nature program serving more than 300 kids per year. The center also provides free programs for the youth living at Solid Ground including dance, tennis, theater, sports, and more.

Current Project

Visit Magnuson Community Center Improvements for information on improvements to Magnuson Community Center and how to participate in the community input process.

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