Community Center Strategic Plan

Community Centers are places where people recreate, celebrate and meet their neighbors and help to make our city a great place to live, work, and raise a family. They provide a number of benefits to the people of Seattle. Seattle Parks and Recreation is preparing a Community Center Strategic Plan to strengthen the role that Community Centers play in our City.

2016 Community Center Strategic Plan

Community Center Stabilization Projects

The 2016 Community Center Strategic plan named eight community centers for major maintenance projects focused on extending the life of these facilities and increasing programming potential. The eight centers are listed below. Each link brings you to more information about that center's project.

Green Lake Community Center and Evans Pool
Improvements include pool pump and heating replacement, electrical repairs, pool deck cleaning and sealing, gym floor leveling and refinishing and more.

Hiawatha Community Center
Improvements include electrical repairs, water and sewer pipe replacements, furnace and water heater repairs, roof replacement, and more.

Jefferson Community Center
Improvements include electrical repairs, kitchen upgrades, ADA improvements, elevator installation, roof repair, and more.

Loyal Heights Community Center
Improvements include kitchen remodel, repairs to kids' room and flooring in classrooms, ADA improvements, gym floor and wall repair, and more.

Magnolia Community Center
Improvements include gym, multi-purpose room, and hallway floor repairs, ADA improvements, kitchen remodel, roof replacement, and more.

Queen Anne Community Center
Improvements include kitchen remodel, roof repair, gym floor repairs, ADA improvements including restroom repair, and more.

South Park Community Center
Improvements include ventilation, restroom remodeling, ADA improvements, roof repair, and more.

City Council Budget Action on the Community Center Strategic Plan

The Community Center Strategic Plan recommends $1.3 million in improvements for community center operations. The funding comes from the Seattle Park District’s Community Center Rehabilitation and Development Initiative. The Plan was funded in the 2017 City budget. The Plan:

  • increases hours of operation
  • eliminates the drop-in fee
  • adds staff for operational and programming improvements

The following recommendations were not funded in the 2017 City of Seattle budget:

  • provides free programming at 5 centers
  • funds staff training
  • increases performance management

What is the Community Center Strategic Plan?

The Community Center Strategic Plan lays the foundation for both operational and facility decision-making for the community center system in the future. The 2014 Parks Legacy Plan established two general goals for community centers:

Ensure community centers are the focal points in our neighborhoods and serve as places where people can connect, foster relationships, build community, and enhance their health and well-being by offering programs, activities, and events to Seattle’s changing population.

Ensure community centers are physically and emotionally safe and welcoming places for individual enrichment and community growth.

The strategic plan sets a course for achieving and strengthening these goals that were established in the Parks Legacy Plan.

Community Centers in Seattle

  • Seattle Parks and Recreation currently operates 26 community centers across the city with a total budget of approximately $11.4 million.
  • These facilities have various levels of service, staffing and hours of operation.

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