Washington Park Arboretum Waterfront Trail

Updated: July 11, 2024

Summer 2024

The design construction drawings are nearly complete. We have been waiting for the project’s state and federal permitting to be finalized before we put the project out to bid. There have been significant permitting delays at the federal and state levels. We do not have enough funding to renovate the entire trail, so we plan to construct improvements in phases as the budget allows. The first phase of work will focus on the Foster Island section of the trail and the floating walkway. Once additional funding is secured, phase two will focus on improvements to the Marsh Island section of trails.

Design and permitting efforts began in 2016, but the lack of funding was a huge issue and together with the community we were able to secure state grant funding to enhance and preserve the Arboretum Waterfront Trail and waterfront access. 

Thank you to the over 1200 people who participated in our online survey for the Waterfront trail and helped to secure this funding. Please see the survey results below.

View the grant presentations here:

Lake waters flooding over top of boardwalk on trail

waterline of lake abuts marsh trail


$1.3 million
$475,000 from The 520 Bridge Mitigation for design and permitting.  
$855,000 from Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account and WWRPA Trails. 
This funding was secured by the Seattle Parks and Recreation grant team and project manager. The funding will not allow us to renovate the entire trail, we will permit the entire trail and construct improvements in phases as budget allows.   


Design and Permitting: 2018 - 2023
Construction (Phase 1): Winter 2024

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