Salmon Bay Walking Tour

Stroll the Shoreline of Salmon Bay Where the City Meets the Sound

Roads, paths, and bridges take you on a journey of discovery along this captivating urban wildlife corridor—the shores of Salmon Bay and beyond.

Even though bulkheads, boat locks, and urban growth crowd the waterfront, your walk will take you through inspiring community projects which are underway to protect and enhance the last remnants of healthy habitat around Salmon Bay.

Interested? You are invited to join your neighbors who volunteer with local groups to keep this corridor wildlife-friendly.

Walk the Waterfront Web of Life

There’s no mystery to how Salmon Bay got its name: hundreds of thousands of salmon swim through here every year. From the rare and beautiful steelhead to the largest run of sockeye in the lower 48 states, from the threatened chinook (also called king) to the silvery coho, you can witness this amazing migration from March through October.

Salmon Bay is a rich estuary where fresh water merges with salt water. Despite human intervention that has highly altered the estuary, Salmon Bay shelters a multitude of birds, mammals, and insects in addition to salmon and other fish.

Look around – you might see bald eagles and sea lions feasting on salmon, great blue herons stalking fish, and, if you look very closely, juvenile salmon hiding, feeding and growing in the shallow tidelands. Witness the waterfront web of life here at Salmon Bay.

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