Andrews Bay Anchorage


Seward Park is located on the eastern shore of the Andrews Bay anchorage area. Please review the following rules at this environmentally-sensitive anchorage; the park is maintained as an environmental treasure with public and private efforts underway to restore habitat, protect wildlife and encourage nature to flourish within a large city.

In the interest of protecting the sensitive areas, on-shore landing of small powerboats is permitted ONLY at two sites that are marked on the map:

  • Less than 10 hp or non-motorized: South of the anchorage area, 100 yards north of the Seward Park Art Studio. It is round 2" river rock on this shoreline.
  • No horsepower restriction or non-motorized: West of the anchorage area at the Ferdinand Street hand-carry boat launch.

Boats are not permitted within 100 yards of the Rev. Murphy fishing pier (northeast corner of the anchorage area) or 100 yards from the Seward Park swimming beach. Seattle Parks and Recreation welcomes your use of Seward Park.

  • Short term anchorage is approved in Andrews Bay on Lake Washington under City of Seattle Ordinance Number 118570/SMC 16.40.030 (F) passed into law May 1997.
  • The approved area is defined by two buoys marked with "A" indicating the northwest and southwest corners of the anchorage zone. Shore markers note the northeast and southeast corners. Anchorage is limited ONLY to this area.
  • A 72 hour maximum stay within any seven day period is permitted.
  • It is unlawful for any person to negligently cause, make or allow to be made from audio equipment under such person's control or ownership sound from a watercraft that can be clearly heard by a person of normal hearing at a distance of three hundred (300) feet or more from the watercraft itself. (SMC 25.08.485 - Watercraft)

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