Schurman Rock at Camp Long

Vintage photograph of a dozen or more men standing atop a man-made rock wall

Camp Long is home to Schurman Rock, the oldest purpose-built climbing structure in the country. Since 1938 it has served as a training ground for generations of Northwest climbers, and it continues to be available for public use.


This major attraction at Camp Long was designed by Clark Schurman. His dream was to build a human-made mountain incorporating every potential rock climbing problem into its design.  Schurman spent months making a clay model, then worked very closely with W.P.A. workers for 2 years to complete the 20 foot high, erratically shaped climbing rock. Schurman called it Monitor Rock after its intended purpose to "warn, remind, advise and instruct." After Schurman's death in 1955 the rock was renamed “Schurman Rock" to honor Clark Schurman's contribution to Camp Long and mountaineering.

Camp Long Climbing Programs

Schurman Rock is available for recreational climbing programs with staff belayers and facilitator coaching. They are popular for birthday parties, group recreational outings, and for persons of diverse abilities. Climbing programs include equipment and facilitators/belayers. These are not instructional programs on climbing technique, knots, belaying, or other technical instruction.

Pricing for climbing programs starts at $175 and increases based on group size and program time. Please call the Camp Long front desk at (206) 684-7434 or email for more information.

Rent Schurman Rock

Schurman Rock can also be rented for private use! Camp Long does not provide equipment or supervision in this case and the renter assumes all risk and liability.

Open Climb

Schurman Rock is open to the public when there is no other programming scheduled! At these times the rock is unsupervised, and folks can bring their own equipment and climb at their own risk. No equipment is available for rent.

Please note this is not true of our challenge course structures, which can only be accessed with the oversight of Camp Long certified facilitators during a scheduled program.

Supporting Schurman Rock

If you would like to support our efforts to provide fun and safe programs on Schurman Rock, please earmark a donation to "Friends of Schurman Rock" and send it to Friends of Camp Long, 5200 35th Ave. SW. All donations made to this special fund will be used to support Schurman Rock programs, gear, training and instruction.

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