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The Cheshiahud Loop is named after the chief of the Duwamish village on Lake Union. Cheshiahud, also known as Lake John, served as a travel guide for early white settlers around Lake Union. The Denny party claimed Lake Union in 1853, and the Duwamish villages persisted along the lake for another 25 or so years. As late as 1909, Cheshiahud lived in a house at the foot of Shelby Street given to him by David Denny. (from the Loop's Master Plan)

The City and the Seattle Parks Foundation created this multi-use loop around Lake Union with a vision to invite community use and enjoyment of the lake. The Loop connects people to open space, connecting us to new and existing lakefront parks, celebrating the lake’s historic working waterfront, and revealing the unique character and quality of the lake itself.

The Loop creates safe and attractive access to the lake for all users - connecting Gasworks and Lake Union Parks, linking more than 35 pocket parks, street ends and waterways that ring the lake, and improving access from adjacent neighborhoods, downtown, and the University of Washington. By connecting existing parks and improving access to the lake, Cheshuahud Loop provides a continuous network of open spaces that are ideal for a range of active and passive recreation, from boating, bicycling and walking, to family picnics and quiet contemplation. This loop celebrates the rich and varied history of Lake Union and its ties to Seattle’s maritime and industrial past, present and future.

At the geographic and historic heart of Seattle, the Loop also enhances the vitality and livability of neighborhoods surrounding the lake, the City, and the Seattle region. Parts of a lakefront trail already exist: segments of the Burke Gilman Trail, Westlake Avenue and trails within Gasworks and Lake Union Park. But as a whole, Lake Union remains inaccessible and disconnected as a resource, both for the communities that surround it and the general public.

Download the loop trail printable map

Documents of Additional Historical Interest
   •  Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop Master Plan - May 2009
   •  Master Plan Appendices - January 2009

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