Park Features

Off-Leash Area

The Magnuson Park Off-Leash Area (OLA) is an 8.6-acre open space where city hounds can romp with buddies in Seattle’s biggest fully fenced backyard. Unique among Seattle’s OLAs, Magnuson Park’s canine visitors can go for a swim at the Magnuson OLA swim beach.

The OLA has a large, generally flat play area, a winding trail with several open areas and changes of scenery along the way, and it gives dog owners and their dogs of all ages plenty of space to exercise. Most of the trail is compact gravel and is wheelchair accessible.

This OLA has a small and shy dog area within the larger dog park. Fencing and signs were installed in coordination with the Magnuson Off Leash Area Group (MOLG). The small/shy dog area is located just to the south of the main entrance kiosk, accessible from NE 74th street.

Mickey Merriam Sports Complex

Together, sports fields 5-12 comprise the Mickey Merriam Sports Complex.  This complex includes three synthetic turf multi-use fields, two natural turf baseball diamonds, one natural turf multi-use field, one mixed-turf softball field, and one mixed-turf Little League field.

Michael “Mickey” Merriam was a major supporter of youth sports.  Throughout his life and career with Seattle Parks and Recreation, he fought tirelessly for the improvement of athletic fields and facilities.  Following Merriam’s passing in 2003, the athletic complex at Magnuson was dedicated in his honor.

Field 8 is named for long-time Seattle youth baseball coach Frank Papadesero.  Field 12 is commonly set up as a dedicated cricket pitch.

For more information or to reserve a sports field, please visit our Sports Field Reservations page.

Sports Meadow

Just east of the playground and Off-Leash Area parking lot, the Magnuson Sports Meadow contains four natural-turf multi-use fields.  When not in use for sports, the meadow provides a quiet spot for a walk, birdwatching, or a picnic.

For more information or to reserve a sports field, please visit our Sports Field Reservations page.


The Magnuson Wetland Complex boasts 10 acres of newly engineered wetlands and four acres of restored wetland.  Developed in part to mitigate the impacts from the creation of the athletic fields, the Magnuson wetlands are a beloved and serene feature of the park.  The park design established a hydrological regime formed by a grid of ponds on a slope to create a cascading effect to capture and retain stormwater.

The Magnuson Park wetlands offer habitats for a wide variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians.  At various times of the day, a stroll down the wetlands walking paths might be joined by a chorus of bird calls or frog croaks—and keep an eye out for our beaver neighbors!

Please keep all dogs on the paths in the wetlands.


The Junior League of Seattle donated and dedicated the park’s "Air, Land and Sea" playground to the children of Seattle.  The design of the playground includes several features which commemorate the site's past use as an airfield.

Community Garden

The mission of Magnuson Community Garden is to enhance the quality of urban life and strengthen community bonds by creating and sustaining an organic garden in Sand Point Magnuson Park that will foster environmental stewardship, horticultural education, rejuvenation, and recreation.

For more information, visit the Magnuson Community Garden website.

Children’s Garden

Magnuson Children’s Garden is a vibrant, interactive place, created by community volunteers using ideas that have been dreamed up by local children and their parents.  The garden is filled with plants and other features that delight all the senses, is free to the public, and open 365 days a year for families to have self-guided scavenger hunts and other adventures.

For more information, visit the Magnuson Children’s Garden website.


P-Patch is the name given to the City of Seattle's community gardens, which are managed by the Department of Neighborhoods.  The Magnuson Park P-Patch is located within the Magnuson Community Garden.  Visitors can meander the pathways, stop to talk to gardeners, take pictures, and watch the ducks that have taken up residence in the storm-water swale.

For more information, visit Magnuson Park P-Patch.


Nestled between the Community Garden and Building 406, the Magnuson Amphitheater is a small- to medium-sized venue for concerts, plays, picnics, or just a quiet space for contemplation.  Interested in renting the Amphitheater for your next event?  Visit our Outdoor Event Permits page.

Walking Paths & Trails

Magnuson Park contains more than four miles of walking trails.  A walk in our park will take you from the shore of Lake Washington, through the frog ponds of the wetlands, and past the exercising pups in our Off-Leash Area.

Kite Hill

Magnuson Park’s premier launchpad, Kite Hill is a grassy, 35-foot hilltop overlooking the waters of Lake Washington.  With no trees to trap your kite, Kite Hill offers clear views to the north, east, and south.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Magnuson Park has two CHAdeMO, CCS/SAE Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, located in the W6 parking area (near the playground).  The chargers have been vandalized and are currently out of service.  We hope to replace them in the spring of 2025. 

Swim Beach

Magnuson Park has a public swim beach on the shore of Lake Washington, boasting excellent views of the water and landscape all the way to Mt. Rainier.

For official swim beach schedules, please visit our swim beach page.

Boat Launch

Warren G. Magnuson Park is the home of Seattle's most popular public boat launch.  Visitors to the park can also hand-launch motorless craft at the North Shore Recreation Area.

For more information, please visit the Magnuson Park Boat Launch page.

Picnic Shelters

Magnuson Park has three rentable picnic shelters: two located on the shore of Lake Washington, and one near the playground and sports fields.

For more information or to reserve a picnic shelter, please visit our Picnic Site Reservations page.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees line Sportsfield Drive NE, and the Magnuson Community Garden includes a demonstration orchard.  Visitors to the park can enjoy the beautiful flowering trees in the springtime or visit in the autumn to see the trees fully weighted with fruit!

Magnuson Park’s fruit trees are maintained by the Seattle Tree Fruit Society.

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