Operate a Class in a Park

Small recreational classes 10 hrs. per week or less

If you are an individual, group, or organization conducting organized recreational activities on city parkland, you are required to obtain a permit. We issue Commercial Use Permits for commercial activity that aligns with Seattle Parks and Recreation's mission to promote healthy people, a thriving environment, and a vibrant community.

(For Day Camp operators, see the Day Camp Permit page.)

Who May Obtain a Commercial Use Permit?

To obtain a Commercial Use Permit, your business may not transact or collect money on park property. It is limited to ten (10) hours per week of operation per park; attendance is limited to 35 participants.  

 Seattle Parks issues Commercial Use Permits for the following:  

  • Fitness classes (including, but not limited to boot camps yoga, running classes, parkour)
  • Recreational activities (marine education, photography classes, organized school activities such as recess or PE, or pop-up picnics etc.)
  • Nature education including wilderness training classes

Apply for a Commercial Use Permit   

Please review this FAQ before submitting your application: Commercial Use Permit FAQ

Commercial Use Permit Application (download PDF) 

With your signed application, you will need to submit:  

  • Signed FAQ
  • Insurance coverage that meets the City of Seattle requirements. Please review the Insurance Requirements document
  • A copy of your City of Seattle business license  
  • Background check: required if permittee is serving vulnerable populations, including children
  • A Site Plan.  Please visit this link for blank park maps that may help in submitting your application map. This is not a conclusive list and maps can be created in other formats.

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