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Picnic tables and benches on asphalt give a narrow view of the Olympics, while an exciting play area nearly empties the nearby apartments of kids in the evenings. Older kids flock to the nearby basketball pavilion in fair weather. East of the apartment complex, a large grassy area has six picnic tables, each with a barbecue stand and shady trees, plus lots of room to run around in an open field. (Excerpt from "Enjoying Seattle's Parks" by Brandt Morgan)

Pratt Park was first purchased by the City in 1958 as part of the grounds for Washington Junior High School. In 1966 it became the site for a park and low-income housing project. The park was named after Edwin T. Pratt in 1976. Pratt was a community leader and a founder of the Central Area Motivation Program and the Seattle Opportunities Industrialization Center. Pratt was assassinated in the doorway of his own home in 1969.


Pratt Park spraypark was recently renovated and opened May 28, 2022. View the schedules for all SPR sprayparks here.

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This park has reservable picnic areas. Visit our picnic reservations page for more information on how to have your event here.

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