Wetlands and Habitat

The Park offers you ample opportunity to explore a range of natural areas. There are grasslands, wooded hillsides, wetlands and shoreline within the park's boundaries.  Look for kiosks throughout the park that describe the types of birds and animals you are likely find in the nearby habitat. Community volunteers have actively been restoring habitat areas in the park for many years.


Get out your field guide and binoculars and come on out to the park. Opportunities for bird watching at Warren G. Magnuson Park are as varied as the habitats found here - from woodlands to grasslands to shorelines. More than 100 bird species have been sighted on the Sand Point Peninsula. On your next visit to the park you might add to your life list! For added viewing, there is a bird blind at Promontory Point in the southeastern section of the park.

Butterfly Garden

Watching butterflies in a natural setting is easy at the park's butterfly garden. It was designed by Northwest Montessori School students and is part of the rehabilitation of Promontory Point, in the southeastern part of the park as a northwest native plant sanctuary.

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Please keep all dogs on leash and on trail while enjoying a walk through the Magnuson Park wetlands.

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