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Pritchard Island Beach is located in the Rainier Beach area, north of Beer Sheva Park. Several large cottonwoods flutter in the breeze as swimmers head for the raft. Others just sit on the beach admiring the view of Seward Park to the north and Mercer Island to the east. You'll find this a fine, quiet complement to the Atlantic City beach to the south,since there is no boat ramp ruckus here. (From Brandt Morgan's Enjoying Seattle's Parks.)

Pritchard Wetland

Pritchard Wetland is a unique haven of native plants and wildlife, just south of Pritchard Island Beach. Walk the gravel path that starts at the edge of the parking lot; it winds through more than four acres of marshy wildlife habitat. Watch for muskrats and herons in Pritchard Pond, and listen for the songs of Chorus frogs in the spring!  All the plantings in Pritchard/Loon Wetland are native to western Washington wetlands. Look for Red-osier dogwood, fawn lilies, and Western red cedar saplings. 

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