Green Lake Community Center Stabilization

Updated: April 26, 2019


The reroofing project is complete, and Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is completing the design work to replace the boilers and mechanical equipment in 2019.

Green Lake Community Center and Evans Pool is one of the oldest centers in our city and well-used and beloved by the community.

Over the years, SPR has been quick to fix repairs to issues that have cropped up at Green Lake Community Center, and with tax-payer support we can undertake some larger projects that will keep the building open and accessible.

These repairs include a crucial roof repair and replacement of the pool pump which will lengthen the life of this facility. SPR is still aware that a longer-term plan for the recreation needs of Green Lake and surrounding neighborhoods will need to be addressed as this facility continues to age. Thanks to our incredible SPR staff closures for these repairs will be minimal.

Green Lake Community Center Stabilization Work

The 2016 Community Center Strategic plan named eight community centers for major maintenance projects focused on extending the life of these facilities and increasing programming potential.

Community Center Stabilization Frequently Asked Questions

Internal Improvements

  • Pool pump and heat replacement
  • Boiler replacement
  • Building electrical improvements
  • Gym floor leveling and refinished
  • New backboard installation in gym--COMPLETE 
  • Pool deck cleaning and sealing
  • Install new pool heat exchanger

Exterior Improvements

  • Roof repair


Closure Schedule to Accommodate work:

  • Evans Pool Closure:  October 16 - November 12
  • Green Lake CC Closure:  October 30 - November 5
  • Green Lake Gym Closure:  October 16 -November 5