Tennis Lessons, Programs and Tournaments

Closure from June - November 2019

Seattle Parks and Recreation is making needed improvements to the Amy Yee Tennis Center. The facility will close from June through November 2019 for maintenance improvements. During this time period, Amy Yee Tennis Center (AYTC) will continue to provide lessons at the outdoor courts. Outdoor court reservations for all the City courts will not be affected. Court reservations can be made at or 206-684-4764.

Each year the Tennis Center offers six sessions of classes and flights for players of all ages and levels - including junior and adult group lessons, tiny tot programs, junior and adult camps, and adult play.


Amy Yee has a long history of amazing and fun tournaments and has traditionally offered eight tournaments a year. We are currently looking to host creative and unique new ones. Call us at 206-684-4764 for more details and to participate.

Fees for Lessons, Classes and Flights

*Drop in fees vary for camps

Private/Semi-Private Lessons:

Lesson TypeFee
One person Resident $60
Standard $66
Two people Resident $64
Standard $70.50
Three people Resident $75
Standard $82.50
Four people Resident $80
Standard $88
Five people Resident $90
Standard $99
Surcharge for lessons on City holidays Resident $15
Standard $16.50

Adult Group Lessons:

Lesson TypeFee
Groups, 6 sessions Resident $77
Standard $84.75
Camps, 10 hrs/4 days Resident $98
Standard $107.75
Maximum of 8 people per group/camp

Adult Play – Instructional Classes:

Per person fee at 6 students max, 6 weeks Resident $85
Standard $93.50

Junior Group Lessons (Ages 8-17):

6 sessions, 1¼ hours per week Resident $57
Standard $62.75
Junior Camp, 2½ hours per each of 4 days Resident $77
Standard $84.75

Tiny Tots:

Beginning ages 4.5-5 (30 minutes for 6 weeks) Resident $27
Standard $29.75
Beginning ages 6-7 (45 minutes for 6 weeks) Resident $37
Standard $40.75
Advanced ages 6-7 (1 hour for 6 weeks) Resident $47
Standard $51.75
Advanced ages 6-7 (1¼ hour for 6 weeks) Resident $57
Standard $62.75

Competitive Flights:

Doubles (6 weeks) Resident $62
Standard $68.50
Singles (6 weeks) Resident $77
Standard $84.75
Adults (18 & older)& Senior Adults (65 and over)

Quickstart Youth League Volunteers

AYTC runs the largest local youth tennis league for beginners in the region. Quickstart tennis designed as a play-ased and fun format for beginners from 7-10 years old. The program is offered at over 14 sites across the city of Seattle. The success of this program relies on the help of volunteers like you! In fact, the entire program is run by volunteers. You do NOT need to be a teaching pro, just love working with kids! We will train. The program runs 8 weeks from June 25-August 13, M/W 6-8pm. We need people willing to volunteer one day a week or 6 of the 8 weeks. (We can work with your vacation schedule too.) At each site we prefer 3-5 volunteers with at most 10 kids at any one time (based on volunteers and experience). If you are interested please contact Thank you!