Graffiti Removal Help

If you are a senior citizen or your property is repeatedly defaced with graffiti, you can sign a waiver (pdf) granting SPU volunteer crews permission to paint out graffiti on your property. If work crews are in your area and time allows, they will paint out your graffiti. SPU leads teams to paint out graffiti on the 2nd Saturday of each month north of the Ship Canal and on the 4th Saturday south of the Ship Canal (except in bad weather). SPU also provides community volunteers with supplies to conduct independent community clean-ups.

Signing the waiver does not excuse property owners from the city’s graffiti nuisance ordinance, which requires timely removal of graffiti (generally within 10 days). Participants must agree to inspect their property weekly and paint out tags as soon as they appear. (Keep extra paint on hand to do so.) But if a volunteer crew is in your area and you haven’t yet removed the graffiti, the crew will take care of it.

Volunteers only paint out graffiti that can be reached from the ground, without using ladders or climbing onto structures. Call a professional for special surfaces or graffiti higher than 10 feet.

The City assumes no liability for work related to volunteer paint-outs.