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Wallingford Playfield has long been a popular neighborhood gathering place for tennis, picnics, wading pool splashing in summer, ball games, and playing-and now it has a new face. Its entirely new, deluxe play area, completed in the fall of 2004, includes a play structure specially designed for two- to five-year-olds, with a variety of slides. The wading pool was renovated, and all elements are wheelchair accessible. Park entrances were renovated and new lampposts added. Extensive landscaping surrounds the wading pool, and a crushed rock path around the playfield connects to the paths on the park's east end. Community volunteers renovated the park's short, steep west border into a vibrant native plant garden. New picnic tables, benches, and sitting boulders provide plenty of places to sit and read, rest, or watch children play.

Wallingford Playfield Wading Pool

Location: Wallingford Playfield, 4219 Wallingford Ave N

Open 12pm - 7pm on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 6/28 - 8/18

Wallingford Wading Pool is located right next to a playground structure and at the corner of nearby tennis courts.

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