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Georgetown Playfield's facilities include lighted ballfields, a 1/2 basketball court, a children's wading pool, tennis & handball courts, and swings.

Play Area Renovated in 2017

The renovated play area features an airplane themed composite deck and rope climbing structure for children 5 to12 years old, a smart play structure for 2 to 5 years old, exciting rotating climbing play equipment, and a fun music band circle including drum, chime, and xylophones. The new fitness zone, sponsored by Kaiser Permanente, provides various types of exercise equipment for teens and adults. The improved picnic area creates a more inviting community space with additional picnic tables and BBQ grills. New accessible parking on S. Findlay St. and improved paths to the renovated comfort station strengthen the link between play area, spray park, picnic area and comfort station and provide improved access for all throughout the north end of the playfield.


Open Daily 5/25-9/2

11 am - 8 pm

Pickleball Conversion Pilot

Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Planning and Development Division is leading a pilot project to implement lining of multiple tennis court sites for pickleball. The sites will be lined for shared use by both pickleball and tennis players. There will be no changes made to the tennis nets. The tennis court sites were selected based on demand for more pickleball and the following feasibility criteria: accessibility, current court use, existing court conditions, and equitable distribution.

The following courts are potential courts recommended for pickleball:

  • South Park Community Center in southwest district
  • Georgetown Playfield in south-central district
  • Delridge Community Center in southwest district
  • Discovery Park Court in central-west district
  • Miller Community Center in central-east district
  • Soundview Playfield in northwest district
  • Green Lake Park in central-north district

Reserve your tennis court

Same-day reservations can be made over the phone at (206) 684-4764 or in person. Find out more about how to reserve your space on our tennis court reservations page.