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One of Seattle's stunning viewpoints, Emma Schmitz Overlook is a great place to stroll, jog, or sit and gaze across the water at the Olympic Mountains.

Current Project

Emma Schmitz Seawall Replacement

Seattle Parks and Recreation has a signed agreement with Army Corps of Engineers for the replacement of an approximate 450' length of deteriorated seawall at the south end of Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook. Preliminary work will begin in mid-May 2018. This needs to be done before the Corps can commence with the actual seawall design. We anticipate construction in late 2019.

The new seawall will be a "soldier pile" design, built a few feet seaward and a few feet higher than the existing seawall, and equipped with safety handrails that the current seawall lacks. This design will minimize the impact on the beach, address rising seawater concerns, and create better contours for the restoration landscaping the landward portion of the overlook area. The old seawall will remain in place, but essentially buried. The Corps will be executing both the design and construction phases of the project, with the City reimbursing 35% of the total cost in the form of a combination of cash reimbursements and in-kind services. The City is arranging a detailed site survey and geotechnical study, which will be considered as in-kind services. 

For additional information contact Garrett Farrell:
(206) 233-7921