Drinking fountains Basketball Courts


Formerly NE 43rd St. Mini Park, this park was renamed in May of 1981. This tiny neighborhood park offers grassy areas to picnic on sunny days, as well as drinking fountains and public artwork, with half-court basketball and a bench.

Pat Martin of Mercer Island, WA suggested the name for this park in March 1981 after the leader of the Press Expedition of 1889 which explored the Olympic Mountains. The expedition was a significant civic enterprise early in Seattle's history. Its leader James Christie was a common man with a little bit of adventuring spirit that is part of life in the Northwest. He had other successes in expeditions and lived many years in British Columbia until his death in 1942. According to Ms. Martin's research on the matter, he was not so chauvinistic as to ignore the place of the native residents of the area and apparently spent some considerable effort on behalf of local Indians later in his life.

Current Project

This Seattle Park District project provides funding for the extension of Christie Park. The design will incorporate accessibility in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as Seattle Parks and Recreation's intent to create access to open space in areas of high urban density. Read more about the Christie Park Addition.