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Ballard Commons Park features a skate bowl, water feature, engaging public art, relaxing seating areas and lawns and ADA accessible walkways. The park forms part of a new municipal center in Ballard, with a Seattle Public Library branch and Neighborhood Service Center.

Current Projects

Ballard Commons Park Play Area Project
The Ballard Alliance is working with the Ballard community to create a new play area in the Ballard Commons Park. To revitalize this beautiful urban park with enhanced enjoyment for all. This project is in the public outreach and conceptual design stage and is not yet funded for construction.

Ballard Commons Park Portland Loo Project
The Loo is in use and substantially complete as of September 30.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our Open House, on November 17, to learn about the Portland Loo project happening at Ballard Commons Park. The goal of the project is to install a Portland Loo at the southeast corner of the park. The Portland Loo is a unique, patented outdoor bathroom that is easy to clean and maintain.

After extensive community outreach in 2015, access to a convenient public restroom facility was determined to be critical for the economic wellbeing and livability of the business district and central Ballard neighborhood. In addition, in 2017 Seattle & King County Public Health informed Seattle Parks and Recreation that the park's water feature requires a public restroom within 100 feet. WS Contractors mobilized at the site in June 2019 and the project will be completed by September 2019. For questions please contact Katie Bang at, or 206-684-9286.


Open Daily 5/25-9/2

11 am - 8 pm