Play Area



This little neighborhood park was built in 1983. Over the years some play equipment has been removed because it was dated and unsafe. A long hillside slide and sand area remains. The park is located on a steep slope within designated Environmental Critical Areas, including designated Wildlife Habitat, and is part of the SW Queen Anne Greenbelt. A paved pathway provides access to a staircase through the greenbelt that connects the neighborhood to 13th Avenue West.

Major Maintenance - Existing Embankment Slide & Vegetation Management

In summer 2019, Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) proposed the removal of the old embankment slide and restoration of the greenbelt and presented this to the Queen Anne community at several meetings, including a public open house. As a result of the feedback from the community, SPR re-examined the proposal and has refocused the work to retain the embankment slide and make maintenance improvements that address the concerns related to the play equipment. This work will include removing hazardous trees around the slide and pruning vegetation to provide better visibility from the adjacent public streets and walkways. It will also include partnering with Green Seattle Partnership to improve the greenbelt by removing invasive species and planting appropriate vegetation in the greenbelt park.

Due to the steep slope of the play area, construction has been moved to spring of 2021. We anticipate being completed in late fall 2021. The park will be closed during construction. The hillside stairs and sidewalk will remain open.

View the concept design here

Budget: $100,000 total for planning, design and construction  

View last summer's public information on the previous proposal (Site Restoration & Slide Removal)

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