Lifelong Recreation (50+)

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Lifelong Recreation programs focus on physical activity, social engagement, education, arts, creativity, and healthy lifestyles.  Recreational programs are designed to serve adults of all abilities - those who are physically active, those who are just becoming active, and programs for those who have age-related limitations.  Lifelong Recreation programs are aimed at increasing individual health and wellness while fostering a stronger, healthier community.  Many of our participants boast about completing a half marathon each year, making meaningful social connections, losing weight, increasing flexibility and balance, and travelling to regional destinations. Join the fun if you're 50+ !

Recreation Program Contacts

Cheryl Brown
Recreation Program Coordinator
Phone: (206) 615-0619

Northwest Seattle
Ryan Spencer, Acting Recreation Specialist
Phone: (206) 233-7138

Northeast Seattle
Robin Brannman, Recreation Specialist
Phone:  (206) 386-9106

Central Seattle
Amy Voros, Acting Recreation Specialist
Phone:  (206) 684-4240 and (206) 233-7255

Southwest Seattle
Masha Shtern, Acting Recreation Specialist
Phone:  (206) 256-5403

Southeast Seattle
Anne Nguyen, Recreation Specialist
Phone:  (206) 684-7484



Citywide Signature Programs

Sound Steps & Food and Fitness 
Tamara Keefe
(206) 684-4664

Dementia Friendly-Recreation
Cayce Cheairs
(206) 615-0100

Our Partners

Shape Up! 50+

Lifelong Recreation is a proud partner with Shape Up King County.  Shape Up King County offers a $10 discount to new participants for any fitness class offered through Lifelong Recreation at the Bitter Lake and Loyal Heights Community Centers.  Enjoy getting involved with programs such as gentle yoga, body conditioning, tai chi, and more!  Call 206-233-7138 for more information.