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This cove and tiny beach is accessible by foot or by bike, and is most easily reached by the Burke-Gilman Trail.  Cedar Beach Park has a land area of 3,653 square feet and 10,083 square feet of water in Lake Washington.


The site had been a public small street-end beach property used by the community as a public park and an access point to Lake Washington since the early 1900's.  In 2013, it became clear that the land was not, in fact, publicly owned. Neighboring community members rallied the City to help restore public access to this waterfront property. In 2015, the City Council authorized the acquisition. The City initiated a condemnation process in 2016, and a settlement was reached. Seattle Parks and Recreation finalized the purchase of this property in May 2019 and gave it the name Cedar Beach Park after seeking public requests in 2020.

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