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Current Partnership Opportunities

This section features the latest RFPs and other opportunities available through our formal processes.

The City of Seattle Department of Parks & Recreation (SPR) owns the building known as the Cascade People’s Center located in the Lake Union neighborhood. Since 2012, the Cascade People’s Center has been managed and maintained by the YMCA of Greater Seattle under a management and operating agreement. SPR is issuing a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking interested parties and service providers to submit proposals for a Property and Community Agreement and Lease for the operation and maintenance of the Center.
Commercial activity in a City of Seattle requires a permit or a contract. An Activity Use permit is issued to groups who operate fitness groups (i.e. boot camps, yoga, running camps, running training) or outdoor education classes. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
Seattle Parks and Recreation is interested in securing seasonal partners to operate food service, activities and group fitness in various park locations throughout the City of Seattle. Locations vary with sites appropriate for carts, food trucks and other self-contained service businesses. Applications can be downloaded, picked up in person at the address below, or you may request a packet be mailed to you. Small businesses, Women and/or Minority Businesses (WMBE) are encouraged to submit proposals.

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