Apply for a Commercial Use Permit

Update April 16, 2021:  A new pilot program allows permitting for additional recreational categories including pop-up picnics and laser tag. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be limitations on park permitting for 2021. Seattle Parks and Recreation will re-open permitting in phases, as we monitor park use, crowding and COVID-19 statistics.

To continue reducing park crowding, the following measures are expected and may change and evolve: Many busy regional parks may not be available for the same permitting as in prior years.  
Parking lots may be closed without notice at certain parks. WA State mask guidelines may be found here

If you have obtained activity use permits in parks that may not be available for 2021, please come prepared with three alternate locations when you apply. Parks are highlighted in green on Google maps or can be found on our website here.  We appreciate your understanding as we work to re-open recreational activities in Seattle Parks while maintaining some restrictions to continue protecting public health.

Commercial activity in a City of Seattle park requires a permit or a contract. An Activity Commercial Use permit is issued to groups who operate fitness groups (including, but not limited to boot camps/fitness, yoga, running camps, parkour) or recreational activities (marine education, photography classes, laser tag or pop-up picnics etc.). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Who needs a Commercial Use Permit?

If you are an individual, group, or organization and you conduct organized recreational activities such as fitness classes, nature education, wilderness training classes or service businesses such as pop-up picnics, on city parkland, you are required to obtain a park permit. 

Your business may not transact or collect money on park property and is limited to ten (10) hours per week of operation. Attendance is limited to 35 participants. Permits are issued for commercial activity that aligns with Seattle Parks and Recreation's mission to promote healthy people, a healthy environment, and strong communities.

How do I submit an application?

Use this application to apply for a permit if you want to operate your fitness or education business in the park. Please review the FAQ and all rules and requirements before submitting your application.   

Commercial Use Permit Application (download PDF) 

Commercial Use Permit FAQ

Insurance Requirements