2019 Seasonal Food Truck, Activities, and Fitness Concessions

SPR looks for unique and interesting business colloborations that promote and enhance parks through a shared commitment to healthy people, healthy environment and strong communities.  Opportunities vary, with some sites appropriate for carts, food trucks, and other self-contained businesses such as boot camps or outdoor classes. Most locations do not have storage or electricity available.  Small businesses, and Women and/or Minority Businesses (WMBE) are encouraged to submit proposals. 

Current Opportunities (as of May 2, 2019)

  • Activity Permits for Fitness/Outdoor Education groups who wish to operate their business in a City of Seattle park are accepted on a rolling basis.  Click here for more information. 
  • Food concession locations available as of 5/24/19: Cal Anderson, Pop Mounger Pool, Stan Sayres, Pritchard Beach Park, Bergen Place Park.   Applications are reviewed on a first-come first-served basis. Please review the Seasonal Food Concession Application for more information and contact the Park Concession Coordinator with questions.  All vendors should visit the park site to determine if their operation suits the location before submitting an application.  SPR will consider applications for the following new locations:  Plymouth Pillars Park, Counterbalance Park, and Bell Street Park for vendors who submit a site plan and photos of their set-up. 

As of May 24, 2019 there are no available vending spaces at Watefront Park. If you have questions about vending at the Waterfront, please contact Lisa Nielsen at (206) 684-7710. 

For questions about vending at Westlake Park or Occidental Park, please contact the Downtown Seattle Association at (206) 613-3210.

How Do I Apply? 

Applications can be downloaded by selecting the links below, or can be picked up in person at the address noted on the sidebar. You may request a packet be mailed to you.

Please read through the FAQs below for information about operating your business in a City of Seattle Park.

Useful Links:

Activity Permits for Fitness/Outdoor Education 

Use this application if you are operating a business in the park such as a fitness group (i.e. boot camp, yoga, running training class) or outdoor education class and your park based business does not collect money on park property and operates 10 hours or less/week.  We accept applications on a rolling basis.